Rachid Ghezzal

  • Just wondering thoughts on this guy? I know he didn’t make the grade at Leicester, but was decent at Monaco and better at Lyon before that. On loan at fiorentina for the season and has been brought into the fold for the past couple of games now he is back to match sharpness. Not suggesting he is the next rocket man, but surely you can’t go too far wrong at 29p? Anyway - not suggesting you all go out and buy so I make a tidy profit (picked up 900 this evening at 28p), although feel free to do so if you want to (!) - but interested to hear if anyone thinks I’ve been smoking too much of the good stuff....

  • Definitely growth in him. No reason he can't be 50p for example. I'm in.

  • Leicester fan here - I was one of the few fans who thought he could be ok occasionally. He's just so inconsistent, he scored some very nice goals at times and if he popped up with a few of those then i'm sure he could hit 40-50p. On the other hand I wouldn't be surprised if he offered absolutely nothing and just faded away. Complete gamble but not the worst shout!

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