1k PB based portfolio

  • Hi! I’ve been on FI nearly a year. I never went to MB strategy too much (except summer with Pogba and neymar ) neither with PB. Pretty much sitting on 20% only from cap app. I feel like I’m missing out. Having only 1k with current price of KDB, Netmar, Messi, TAA I.e I can’t convince myself that this is good strategy in that case.

    How often and how much, you can get return if player dropped to cover the loss, is it worth the wating etc. I’m asking here for some tips/ simple help how, I could play that to have reasonable return. Let’s say 5% (3%after commission) on each player(5-6 players) until end of January.

    Will that be a lot ? Or no? Thanks to those who will help me here!

  • @FilipowskY just from your list I wouldn’t say Kane is a great pb player I can’t lie maybe have a lower look if that’s what you want.
    Another point is we have seen top 200 massively stagnate so it would probably be worth it like many players are learning more and more that this isn’t what it was a year ago and I would recommend more diversity for you

    What you need to ask is will these players have a greater worth in jan than investing in some other boys that would be my question for you

  • Kane is a great pb player

    Truee... I should have say TAA, neymar, messi.

    Top200 is much more spread than in February I think but that’s also I think become of preformance of some players.

    I’ll edit. But thank you @jay 👍 noted.

  • @FilipowskY he’s just expensive compared to other pb players who win much more pb than him yes he does have other elements though. De bruyne is simmilar price but he has won much more pb this season, would put Kane as more of an English sweat heart and some Mb from England over his pb abilities although he can put in a good score but that is not why he is that price

  • @jay De Bruyne has won more dividends this season but Kane has won well over 4 times more than him in total. Obviously at the minute KDB is in good form (although currently injured) but who'll return more divs over a 3 year hold?

  • @Snrub no doubt Kane will return more never said he won’t he’s the England captain and young

    But the title of this is Pb based and if he is aiming for pb I would say there are better and cheaper pb players over 3 years Kane will be a bigger Mb than pb threat imo especially if he leaves spurs his port is targeting pb

  • @Snrub KDB hardly played last season due to injury and again he's injured. If he can keep himself fit this season KDB should bring in the PB divis but he lacks in media presence where as kane can win both PB and MB but mostly MB on England match days.

  • Why not try and get semi-proven PB players who are gonna be well suited to the new matrix changes and who are cheaper than the premium PB holds. Sensi, Alberto, Rodrigo De Paul, Savic, Harit, Joan Jordan, Golovin. All of them are some way off their potential peak price in my opinion and will only increase if PB divs go up.

    There’s also some players who are back from long injury lay offs who look well suited to the new matrix. The three that spring to mind are Mendy at £1.50 could easily go above £2 and return some divs this season if he stays fit. Teji Savanier at £1.88 who is one of the players who benefits the most from the PB changes and is back in training I believe. Finally there is Kevin Stoger at a bargain (in my opinion) 79p who is back in training in November.

    The main advantage of these over the premium PB holds is that most of these guys will still win you divs, there should still be some CA and you can buy more shares in them than spending the same amount on a premium player. As always do your own research and do what you believe is right for you.

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