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  • Hi guys,

    I am new to football index, but I have spent a considerable amount of time watching the movements of the players. Which players do you think are undervalued at the moment and are going to have a blast season?

    I believe there are 2 players which have fantastic potential to do that.

    1. Pulisic: He scored on the super cup and if Dembele leaves for Barcelona I reckon he will be a key player for Dortmund. At 98p at the moment, I strongly believe that by having a good season, there will be lots of interest from premier league clubs (already rumoured for Liverpool)
    2. Iwobi: It seems to me that it's gonna be his best season up to now. If he picks up and does a few good matches I reckon that he can easily get up to the £1.50-£2 region quite easily. He will have Europa matches with the chance to shine in some of them.

    What other players do you think are valued low and we can see some huge ups this year?

  • Iwobi is a player of great potential of FI.
    Lamela is a player i would put forward.Injured last season and now back ready to return to the tottenham line up.With serious lack of signings at spurs Lamela will be a big player this season i believe.Very talented and this could be his break out season.Trading at 80p.

  • Salah- He's going to boss the Premier League if his pre-season form is anything to go by. Assured a start every game too, now that Lallana is out (which will also help Mane's price)
    Aguero- £2.76. Ridiculous, whether he's rotated or not. If he doesn't get enough game time the rumours of him leaving will start again very quickly. He he does get enough, there'll be goals in them there hills.
    Basthsuayi- People foolishly offloaded him because he got subbed yesterday. I took the opportunity to enjoy him at a nicely cut price. Idiots.

  • Think theres value in lots of players.....beauty of the index.

    Agree with Aguero, Iwobi and Pulisic. Others off the top of my head I would say Zaha, Iheanacho, Vardy, Demarai Gray, Ward Prowse, Jordan Henderson, Ryan Sessegnon....I could go on haha

  • Timo Werner looks good for under a quid.

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