Should Vardy’s media be counted?

  • Surely FI will remove this media as it’s a spat between the wags and is not football related?

  • we've had a post on Billy Sharps cat (which is hardly going to trouble those at the top) and this Vardy stuff which i'm sure will get deleted... That said... I really couldn't care less... If a players 'name' is in the article then news is news... we have media dividends for players featuring in the press... we have matchday dividends for those that do it on the pitch!!!! whatever the outcome. I think Vardy could argue that he deserves to be counted!!!!

  • @Sol yes it should. No they won’t.

  • Said it the other week. Just credit all media stories whether it's football related or not.

    You remove any confusion, any criticism, any accusations of manipulation.

    Everyone knows where they stand.

  • Just down to one blokes whim on the day it seems... So its anybody guess if itl count or not.

    And wouldn't be surprised if it counts one day then exactly the same stories, regurgitated, are removed the next day.

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