Ze Germans are coming!

  • Will start off saying I own Reus. I will mention he has been flying recently, how high can he go? Just back from injury, possible World Cup place and today linked with the Prem. just wondering peoples thoughts on where his price will finish? I think he is still relatively cheap at 2.27, considering his stats, Europa league left to play and possible move to the prem!
    Meyer. Supposedly turned down new contract, again Prem clubs sniffing round, currently priced at 1.43, I don’t own but am considering purchasing!
    Draxler. Another German continuously linked with the prem, in particular Arsenal. Not being overly used at PSG and pictured with the gunners at the basketball in Jan. Will he come and if so what would his value be?

    Any thoughts welcome?

  • @R9Kennard I have Kai havertz and Julian brandt. Think they will both be class in next few years.

  • @Stevo good call! I got impatient with Havertz sold at 1.07 and now seem him creeping up! I never learn, I’m sure I’m not the only one with these issues 🤷‍♂️

  • Allo, allo, I also see Sane also on the move and following return from injury with good reason.

  • Timo Werners been a steady climber he must surely be leaving RB Leipzig this summer and he's a great shout for a up and coming star in the World Cup for Germany he's been starting all through the qualifying games and he's a striker they always get the limelight, on this format especially!

  • @NewUser92251 that’s the price I was looking at when I pumped a bit more into Reus. Reus is listed as a forward, 2 goals in 5 games and has already earns one PB! Where do you think he will get too in price?
    Werner has flown and surely one of the big guns will come in for him!
    Just a tad jealous of the talent within the German squad

  • @Happy-Hornet will be interesting to see who gets picked I’m not sure it will certainly be Sane...

  • If I owned Reus and he's got near 2.50 I'd be cashing out because people will start taking there profits off him that's my view

  • @NewUser92251 Why is Werner different? I’m certainly not saying your wrong just intrigued to peoples opinions!

  • @R9Kennard
    Just because reus has been around a while and maybe we no what we get with him, but with Werner we don't no how good he could be and the format is all about the what ifs just think people buy into the player with bigger potential, (Even if they don't full fill it sometimes!

  • I'm holding a lot of Germans right now... Most of which mentioned earlier; Werner, Draxler, Havertz, Reus, Brandt, and also Gotze.

    They seem to really be moving upwards faster than the average other player - and i only can assume that this is because people have one eye firmly on the World Cup?!

    I was holding Muller until his rapid climb panicked me into selling before he would pull back!

    Gotze is the one that interests me the most.. Extremely talented - been out of form due to injuries etc. over the past couple of years - but at 94p looks like an undervalued international ready for a seat on the plane to the WC!

    Holding Kroos and Goretzka (unfortunately) too - as think the WC build is just around the corner (if it hasn't started already!).


  • @Jay-Frazz He's started to rise in the last week or so but I think Kroos might be the most undervalued player in the top 200: great PB scores, likely to go a long way in the CL and then the WC, linked with Man U every summer (doesn't matter if happens or not) and a nice short name for media. Needless to say I own a few!

  • @Jay-Frazz gotze is good player and he's not been injured he's been dealing with life changing illness myopathy am supprised he's back at all to be honest but seems to be managing it now (putting in some good numbers for distance run in matches) although still a risk as can never be treated just managed

  • I also hold a lot of German's.

    Invested in Reus before he came back from injury. If he stays fit, he's one of the best in the world. If he does sign a deal with Dortmund there will be clauses in their for a move next year but he could easily move this season.

    Julian Brandt is a class act, plays very similar to De Bruyne. Technically gifted.

  • What are people thoughts on Gundogan? 1.09 surely a steal, Man City midfielder, with the amount of games they have coming up! Won a massive PB in the champ league!
    Can he squeeze into the German WC squad?

  • @R9Kennard He's been nothing short of absolute bobbins this season. Doesn't deserve to start in front of people like Goretzka or Kroos.

  • It’s anyones guess who will get in these World Cup squads especially when you see the latest Argue one who’s in and who’s out. Gundogan I’ve bought and sold many times probably about level on him think I’ve about 50 braking even at moment

  • @CleanShirtTrader another 200 pointer today pal! Without a goal!

  • @R9Kennard If you think that PB shows how well a player played, and genuinely you think Gundogan had a better game than KdB, then ring Low and let him know :)

  • @CleanShirtTrader haha! Don’t be a chump! Did I ever say that. Just out of question, do they play the same position? Have I ever said he was better than KDB? Although Gundogan has posted two 200 pointers in the last two weeks. Might be wrong, but, isn’t FI about PB?
    Keep it clean pal!

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