1k to spend

  • @Ricky

    I'd buy 2 or 3 players only. Ones that are in PB league, possible transfer, ones that perform and will gain capital.


  • @Ricky well one player I have just added is Steven bergwijn who I think could be due to start catching upto boadu and malen price wise, not that it makes sense, but we do see it happen often. Hopefully play tonight as well

  • @Ricky said in 1k to spend:


    The bulk of his profile was Sander Berge and Trossard who have both rocketed but unfortunately I think Berge needs a move to grow much more. Trossard will probably climb when he returns but I already hold him, I would like new players so I can track how the 1k is doing seperate to the rest of my port

    Sander Berge doesn't score or assist in real life so is worth every penny of his £1.23. 👍💰

  • @Ricky Ronaldo for 6 months....

  • @Dan-w said in 1k to spend:

    @Ricky Ronaldo for 6 months....

    Agreed, ipd against Luxembourg tomorrow!

  • Why not mix it up 50% on players in PB leagues who will be going to the Euro’s and 50% from the sub 40p list; I’m not going to pump any of mine but that’s the way I’ve gone (mainly french). Although I did slight less of each and grabbed an MB player as well.

  • Well a couple of you are not very helpful but a couple are. Bergwijn is interesting but already fairly expensive.

    What do you think of

    Wilfried Zaha, bound to get a lot of media and a move by end of next summer?
    Razvan Marin, yet to break in to the first team but when he does surely he will surpass £1, currently just 59p
    Andrea Favilli, watched him against Milan last week and he looked lively and a big lad. Only 40p
    Josh Sargent, very young but plays a lot for Bremen, Bundesliga players seem popular

    I just spent a lot of time looking and that was about the best of what I saw as value. Be interested to know if anyone has seen sargent play and if he is any good? Same with Marin really.

  • @Ricky Marcus Edwards for cap app

  • @Ricky havent looked into the others but I'd say zaha was an ok buy. What no one has asked is what do u want from your grand?

    Short term flips, long term divs, cap app, ipd's?

  • @MickTurbo

    Any really, I would like the money back around August so maybe some cap app in Marin and divi's in Zaha?

  • Maybe then yes, the non Europeans I expect to start sliding from jan till after the euros so whilst zaha may not be at an all time high come august he should be an easy market sell.

    Personally I plan to be buying some non Europeans during the euros as at that point the only way should be up @Ricky

  • Djribil sow, 89p, europa, euro2020 pb league, single match days ahead.
    Takes some set pieces for ipd’s, always a help.

  • @Tom77

    I got on Djibril at something like 27p when he was at Young Boys :)

  • @Ricky

    Stephen Eze 12p. 25 years old. Contract ends in December and was linked with moves in the summer but chose to see out his contract. Should move in Jan, currently playing in Bulgaria

    Frank Acheampong .25p. Playing in China, season ends on December 1st. Cant think of any other player at his price, with his output and potential upside. On 100k a week so he is rated highly.

    Couple of punts there for you mate with capital appreciation opportunities..

  • @Ricky Sorry but if you got "your friend" that sort of ROI so quickly...why are you asking the forum who to buy??

  • @gball1975

    1. I am struggling to find value right now. Berge, Trossard, Ekkelenkamp and Eggestein all stood out to me at the start of the year.
    2. Some of my successful purchases in the last year are from them being mentioned here.

    Thanks for your useful comment though 🙄

  • @Ricky Sorry but my useful comment was the first thing that I thought of.

    But to assist...
    Barella £1.36....will easily got to 25% value to the time the Euros start.
    Palacios £1.21 ....he wants a European transfer and Real want him.

    Hope that is more of a useful comment for you.

  • If this thread was 6 weeks ago there'd be a load of 'lump it all on Pogba' replies. How times have changed...

  • @Snrub True that!!!
    @Ricky Actually...I have a better idea...do nothing with the money until the Dividend announcement in a couple of weeks.

  • @Ricky said in 1k to spend:


    I got on Djibril at something like 27p when he was at Young Boys :)

    Nice, how many?

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