• Anyone else surmised by the low numbers posted since the div review announcement.

    Its sensible to wait for the announcement and then act... But when has the index ever behaved sensibly before?

  • My 2 pence worth...

    I think people did more removing from the sell queue than actually buying. I think people are adopting a "wait and see attitude".

    Had FI said "dividend increase" people would have bought. Review means the whole game could change.

    Personally I think nothing will change soon, the end of October will just be the announcement of what will change and when. I'm expecting the actual changes will be post Christmas.

    End of October we will get a "we have reviewed and here are the changes that will come into force on 1st Jan". People will then prepare their ports ready for the div changes

  • Very true, but I think it's the quiet before the storm. I'm not even expecting much of a dip come the end of bonus period either. Closer to the end of the month I expect quite a bit of growth due to traders trying to second guess the change to div structure and after the 29th watching the top 200 will be like watching a Xmas tree on acid.

  • Also lots put all available funds in during the 10%

    If I had some, I'd be buying now as I hate trying to buy during the flashing crashes of any good news.

  • @Westy

    This is my concern as well
    Based on the last few times you can’t actually make any trades for up to an hour after if comes back up or if you do, you don’t know which transactions were successful or at which price you got the player at.

    The last couple of times after a shutdown have been a shambles in this respect and I don’t see anything that has changed in terms of the site working any smoother to indicate it not being the same this time.

  • @BradD Couldnt agree more, think FI have played this non committal game brilliant. Confidence was low so they stunned us with an announcement of an announcement. Now they will set new div paidout but in the future Jan 1st looks a good date. This buys them some time and keeps most happy in the wait for new divs while they can build the product in meantime.

  • @BarbayanBrawler or more simply they dont actually know what to do so need thinking time as they were not initally planning any div changes, they thought all was rosie until they shit themselves )

  • I would say Early Dec could be a good time as it will offset the lull caused by leagues being suspended for the Xmas break and then they could re visit The successful marketing campaign they did last January to keep things ticking over into the new year.

  • @Advinculas-Index for once I will be happy to sit n watch, if anything sell a few to pay off a big bill!
    I've guessed which of my players might come out well and topped up as much as I can til Oct pay. Quite risky, but if correct they will fly and I can sit there smug. If incorrect il either have to dump or just sit on em which I was going to do anyway...

    The last time I got involved in announcement buying, my purchases were doubled, so I only got half way down my list of buys... Missed some decent rises in players and had to wait for the correction.

    Anyone waiting is risking the tech capability, but yes I see sense in waiting for facts.

  • I think the dividend changes will be tied in with the launch of the new website.

  • Interesting that they have decided to suspend the market for half an hour though, that normally means it will be something that creates a frenzy.

    I'll be making my purchases in advance of the evening.

  • The tweet was hyped too "this is gonna be a big one 🚀 🚀" so it implies a decent increase or exciting restructure of divs.

    I'm sitting it out... Too much client work on atm so I've gone long term strat and will take a while for the div changes to impact my port as its mostly youngsters.

  • @Vespasian32 said in Footie:

    Anyone else surmised by the low numbers posted since the div review announcement.

    Its sensible to wait for the announcement and then act... But when has the index ever behaved sensibly before?

    I for one re-invested all my money yesterday from selling up my port on monday. I actually thought there might have been a big day yesterday with other ppl doing the same so I was suprised by the small figure this morning, maybe ppl are biding their time, maybe they havent got their money back yet, 3-5 working days almost always means 3 working days in my experience though

  • @Vespasian32 said in Footie:

    Anyone else surmised by the low numbers posted since the div review announcement.

    Its sensible to wait for the announcement and then act... But when has the index ever behaved sensibly before?

    It kinda feels like people are waiting on the big changes. Me personally have a small investment now but I do have a cash balance after I shat the bed and sold my port. My plan is to reinvest after the announcement if things look promising going forward.

  • @Vespasian32 I’ve formed my own opinion of what I think will happen and I’ll probably invest further into the main beneficiaries I’m expecting before the announcement. There’s no way I’m waiting for the site going down when everybody’s trying to do the same.
    I also have a percentage increase in mind of what I believe will bolster the index in the coming months and if it falls short of that I’ll sell some or potentially all of my port depending on how far short it falls.

  • For what it's worth my money from shatting the bed is now in my bank account and is staying there until we have a clear idea where FI is taking the platform. The remainder of my portfolio about £10k will be sold as and when a player hits my 10% roi.
    For me FI need to do something very positive to win back my confidence in the platform.
    The IT really needs to be sorted before they spunk more money covering the churn.

  • @LittleFish I also shat the bed but didn't withdraw I just moved my money down. Two options... Sell and put it back to the top (will have wasted a few hundy in commission.. But benefit from div announcement rush etc) or just wait it out..

    I've gone with the latter cos im a bit sick of over trading, even tho its much more profitable... Becomes a 24/7 obsession of checking port to see if players have hit my exit point etc.

    So just sitting on a port of good cheap and young players.

  • @Vespasian32 I'm actually just starting to be more active with match day trading, flips, shortish holds etc the way you have always been but only with about 10% of my port, the rest is still geared towards the euros and I intend to skim profits from my flips to constantly top up on these holds whilst keeping more or less the set amount of money for re investing in my flips.

    Re invested all my money from my bed shitting incident yesterday morning and had a decent enough start to this little adventure last night

  • @MickTurbo you should be better for it... Stack and flip on good opportunities, in my opinion, way more profitable than sitting on a diverse port long term.

    Part of me wanted to walk a mile in another man's shoes.. And just be sure my previous strategy were best. But mostly just taking a break, running out of time/energy for that type of trading...

    In 6 months, if the only trades I do are reinvesting my divs in topping up... I hope to be maybe 20-30% up. You can make that on the right trades in minutes/hours/days...

  • @Vespasian32 yeh I'm gonna give it a go mate. I feel like I've learned a lot from this week and I'm gonna try to have a bit more if a ruthless streak. At present I've got three players who I want to flip during this international break which I'm pretty confident of doing, and as you've seen in the other thread I've got my little IPD dabble which will probably be about a 4-6 week hold and since all my futures are IPD eligible theres every chance I'll be topping up on that one each day in the immediate future

    Already know who my next ones are provided my flips work over the wknd but not sure I'll ever match your hustle to be honest

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