• Anyone seen much of this player before, just found him on the index and googled him, sounds like a right player

  • He is ok similar to trossard.

    Was looking at him before not to sure about investing as he will play remaking season at Gent and Georgia no euros

  • @Kill_Kenny Georgia no Euros? They're guaranteed a play-off so they have every chance of being there.

  • Just been reading up on the Georgia Ireland game, it says he is out injured, but in his last 7 national games he scored 5. had a quick look on transfermarkt and it compared him with Harvey Barnes, Hagi, Hannes Wolf and a couple of others.. Georgia will most likely aim for the play offs in the Spring, I wouldn't write them off just yet.. So he may be one to monitor @mufc..?

  • @Ole-ole Yeah the injury is probably the bigger worry with him. He's been out since April with a knee injury - he's no doubt talented and Barcelona were tracking him as well. The worry is injuries early in a career set players back a fair bit in terms of their development.

  • @janner73 .. ah, in that case id be a little worried that his price has already risen 40 - 50p since his injury, which means there will be a few ready to offload maybe? Ive not seen him play personally to be able to estimate what I think his value is.. but I agree, injuries like that at a young age may put people off..

  • @Ole-ole I think I'd want to see him fully recovered and back on the pitch now given he's already almost a pound. He could be a great player but I think I'd probably be happy to wait and pay a little more knowing he was fully recovered.

  • Not to worried about the injury, sounds like he is near a comeback and sounds quality

  • @janner73 said in Chakvetadze:

    The worry is injuries early in a career set players back a fair bit in terms of their development.

    I dont hold him and I probably wont bother either but I remember looking at boadu maybe 6 months ago at a time when even the quiet days were fantastic. He was about 77p and virtually every other young striker was rising every day and I couldn't understand it but I let the bad injury at such a young age worry me out of it. Wish I'd just bought him now

  • @MickTurbo True - and there's every chance his price will rocket just because but ultimate all their prices are built on sand until they start delivering in a PB league. Having said that it just seems like people hold regardless if they're young enough - I still cant work out how Felix is still over £4!

  • @janner73 me neither. To me that shows w lack of understanding in a hell of a lot of ppl

  • @MUFC said in Chakvetadze:

    Anyone seen much of this player before, just found him on the index and googled him, sounds like a right player

    Shit pump... No one just finds a player on the index. Wtf does that mean? And what did you Google to decide he sounds like a right player? Link the story or stats or video or something man?!

    What's happened is.... Youve bought a load of shares in a pretty good young player and now you want your profit.

    He is good BTW.

  • @Vespasian32 This is how it went for your info if your gonna call me out, I occasionally will go from the too to bottom on squad list and I got to 94p players and seen this lad and I have never heard of him but thought quite high price for someone never heard off, quick Google and lots of links with pb and good stats, so thought would ask the forum. So get back in your cage Vespasian

  • @Vespasian32 Absolutely, it's just a different way of bringing in a pump so not to draw attention. Even if it wasn't a pump, MUFC has started threads on not just Chakvetadze but also Florinel Coman, Vanaken, Talisca, Edwards and Dozzell in the last week or 2. Whilst laughably getting into a war of wars with that awful Dean dude about his pumping tactics. It's respectable to start a thread or 2, but this overload. If everyone started a thread on every player we hold this forum would be unusable.

    Most of us respectfully contribute to threads like the sub 80p ones so all the helpful information is in one place. But then again some of us are not just looking for a pump and dump but actually want to help. It's so important for the health of this forum that people are not purely motivated by pumping their players, but to help others, which in turn will increase their profit anyway.

    P.S I agree he is good.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor To be fair I did try and bring attention to Edwards, Coman and Vanaken as I think they are all underpriced, Edwards is the most naturally talented of the lot and will fly with a goal or assist, and dozell I read about in a last top 50 u20 in Europe but not personally seen and genuinely had never heard of chakvetadze even though he sounds good so thought would see who has. It's not like I'm pumping some 12p player to get a rise to get of again, these are all year long holds at worst

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