1 man portoflio - if you had to

  • if for whatever reason you had to sink all of your portfolio funds into 1 man for the next 3 months.........who would it be and why?

  • I refuse to answer, otherwise I will be banished from the forum. Good question though... Noir is keen on the Iranian lad.

  • @Happy-Hornet I'm keen on who? Mo salah would be my one man pick mate

  • @Noirx4 i'd have to go kane for the next 3 months. world cup hype / big money move speculation. worst case he gets injured pre world cup and gets media for a few days at least. why salah?

  • @Noirx4

    Sorry, maybe it was Agatello...
    For the record, Mo Salah is a good call. Scoring for fun, has good PB scores and media are starting to get to him. Two quick home fixture coming up and then Man U..

  • @NewUser115892 good for PB, increasingly good for MB, has the world cup.with Egypt in an easy group.and him as main man. Plus far cheaper than other world class strikers

  • Kane until World Cup, although don't expect much in the way of PB. If you want PB, xfer spec and WC then Hazard is the man. Salah is a great shout. If I wanted to go balls out then Toni Kroos

  • @Pierrey2129 and yes I own them all, along with every other obvious player on the market👌

  • @Noirx4 transfer spec on him will be huge in the summer too

  • Kane for me. I don't think he has won any buzz in a month but his price has gone up at least a £1. Imagine what would happen if he actually showed some returns!

  • Would have to be Kane consistently rising, reliable form wise and not prone to injuries.

  • @Pierrey2129 I like Toni kroos as a shout. Really rate him on FI

  • I'd go for Donny van de beek. Goalscoring midfielder. Cheap as chips. Bound to have some transfer interest. Already got 900. Will buy more when I've got spare cash. He's been likened to Paul scholes. If he fulfils 10% of that potential he's bound to rise to at least £1.50 by the summer with any sort of transfer interest. Is he isn't £1.50 By September I will eat my hat 🤠

  • @Happy-Hornet said in 1 man portoflio - if you had to:


    Sorry, maybe it was Agatello...
    For the record, Mo Salah is a good call. Scoring for fun, has good PB scores and media are starting to get to him. Two quick home fixture coming up and then Man U..

    I do like Jahanbaksh but if I had to pick one player I'd probably pick KDB, if City and or Belgium pick up the big trophies this year then I can see him landing the ballon d'or! Goals, Baseline etc

  • @Agatello : Same. Just skewed my Portfolio to top up on KDB. He got left behind on the early risers in Feb and i was well happy to pick up a decent sized holding originally sub £4.

    I don't like to quote on what i think players are worth in the future - but i can see a sizeable increase as we build up for the WC and the England vs Belgium clash.

  • As an high profit punt I would go for Rashford, WC potential star, price dropped quite a bit recently due to Sanchez joining MU, only a couple of good games/goals away from a huge rise
    MB material and still incredibly young, could have other teams sniffing around if not getting game time thanks the ultra defensive Mourinho

  • For the next 3 months.... Defo Kane. WC will make him a buzz favourite. Especially since he never misses the target.

  • @John-Renwick Pogba, due to him not being so great at PB its stunted his price till now, he bottomed out the other day and people are rebuying in with there cash they sold him for at a profit and the Naymar cash, this is now when he comes into his own MB wins, hes tbe king of tbem, few PB wins left now in the season , expect to se a big price change to reflect that you will see a price rise as the gap in price to the top 3 now makes no sense, it will close as well as many media wins, with 2 week international break too. I expect him to over take messi by summer.

  • @SMacFI just out of intrest, how many shares of Pogba do you own? As you said it is an open forum but it does look like you are pushing him quite hard when you post on multiple topics saying the same thing. Not disagreeing with your logic but it's like looking at a poker hand and fist pumping with AA.

  • @Ozzlebert check my recent pogba rollercoaster post for a more balanced view :D

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