Mattia Caldara

  • Noticed he's not got much game time since his €30M from Juve to Milan due to Injuries, now that hes back in training does he have a chance of getting into the first team, especially with a new manager and their poor league position?

    42p isn't the worst amount to take a risk on for a CB, what do people think?

  • The old manager had a lot of faith in him and he was going to have a big season, hard to predict what the new manager will do but he should get into that Milan team and I think he'll definitely go up in price once he starts playing. 42p is a bargain at the moment

  • Sweet, appreciate the advice 👍...... I'd already followed my hunch and bought a bunch, can't not for the price, like you say lol

  • @NewUser434312 on the bench tonight 😀

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