Kasper Schmeichel

  • Hi,
    Just trying to work out if there is any point in picking goalkeepers? definitely not for PB anyway.
    I watched yesterday’s game.. Denmark vs Switzerland.. Schmeichel played a blinder.. 4 or 5 world-ey saves. The best I’ve seen from a goalkeeper in a long while. His saves ensured that his team won the game. Only racked up 154 PB points. What more does a goalkeeper need to do to be up there with the rest?
    To me they don’t stand a chance.

  • @NewUser152315 You are right in terms of their prices reflect their returns....low. Although short term you can get chances of IPD, with clean sheets.
    Also very occasionally, goalkeepers have won the overall DF/GK category on a PB day but naturally outscoring points vs a outfield defender not going to happen unless drastic change in GK scoring actions.

    On the other side, they are low but if their was a separate GK PB category-they could too easily win as their are much less competition. We will see if they are included in the upcoming dividend changes this month.
    Also with now MB open to all categories, they will have their moments now. Like when Lloris got that bad injury recently.

    There is always capital appreciation but you have to accept it is a different strategy when acquiring goalkeepers. Thus the greatness of this platform!

  • It's like buying shares in water companies...we all need water, football needs GKs, at some point they will be more valued, and my guess will get their own PB section or better scoring system...just a long wait until it happens, but 3 years?

    But yes, otherwise there is still the IPD market for them and rarely do they peak and trough as much as outfield players.

    Only problem with opening up a GK PB sector will be it will cause crashes in the other positions as people move money into the new sector trying to get in at rock bottom- e.g. who will want 100 Neymars trying to win FWD pb when you could have 1000 DeGeas for the same money trying to win the GK PB?

  • I agree I have a selection of GK mainly for CA and the hope they open up their own PB section. Also keepers like Lloris (I hold) that play in the EPL and will go to the Euros might win MB (pen saves etc) as the English press will write about them; for their low value I consider them low risk.

  • Cheers for quick replies..
    just looked at the matrix and it would be good if GK ‘s could get ‘game winning saves’ like outfield players getting 35pts for game winning goals.
    There was a fantastic save right near the end of the match where Schmeichel dived to his right that won them the game.. he got 10pts for that.. 35pts would make them more on par with outfield players I think. I know he got 40 for clean sheet but just trying to think of other ways to bridge the gap between Gk’s and other players

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