• Investing in 1 or 2 players only. Price range from 60p to £1.50.

    Player with most potential to rise within next few months.

    Apart from ones that i already have i'm thinking Ikone of lille ? Any recommendations.

  • @Zola25

    Post DB tends to be difficult to find players with significant room for cap app as plenty of profit taking limits any rises. I have chosen to tackle some IPD's instead for a change of focus. Just hit a nice 10%+ return from Bonnucci @38p & reinvested dividends into Modric @50p but perhaps look at a few injured players who are predicted to be coming back into first regulars over the next few weeks as they tend to get a buy back rise.

  • I still think Sow is a good buy, frankfurt have a few single days coming up, european football and sow is part of Switzerland.

    My other tip is Borja inglasias 75p now but has just been out of form, he should be over £1 scoring every week. Ive been holding at 90p but will keep for a while, his record at espanyol was very good.

  • @Zola25
    Jonas Hofmann is the standout for me. Due back from injury very soon, he was by far Monchengladbach's best PB midfielder last season and their midfield has looked very PB friendly this season with Benes and Zakaria both posting high scores. Has taken penalties previously so could well be on penalties once he returns. At just under £1 he looks dirt cheap to me if he's able to reproduce his best form from last season and in that scenario there's no reason he shouldn't be up around the prices of Sevanier and Pulgar.

  • Yacine Adli, young and on form. Scoring, assisting.

  • I hold Jonjoe Kenny already won PB goals and assists very attack full back in a Schalke team that looks pretty good.

    Had a recent dip but still good value and CA over the next few months imo only 76p

  • @Vespasian32

    I've topped up on castagne .. see him continue to rise woth league champions league and establishing hinself as belgium right wing back.. . Player with similar attributes and playing competition are £1+

  • @Zola25
    Meunier is playing in that very position now versus Kazakhstan. He's similar to Castagne at 82p and plays for a bigger and better Champs League team (PSG). Do you see Castagne ousting him from the Belgium team or will they rotate?

  • @Vaughany

    I see a tough competition between them .. and i see castagne rising due to his younger age. In addition for club castagne also plays left or right wing back.. so when required both can play for belgium aswell. Will hit £1 at some point dur8ng season.

  • @Sav2000 Kenny because is english and first-teamer in a pb league... is very good value!

  • @NewUser159387 .. Was it your thread the other day encouraging people to buy Bonucci for the next 30 days, or a decent long term hold?! that was a quick change of heart to dump him after one game!

  • @Ole-ole I think he was just saying that he had just re investing the dividends that Bonucci won last night (4p which if he got on at 0 .38 would be a 10% ROI more or less), I believe that his original holding in Bonucci still stands. However if that were not the case, then yeah that would be bang out of order to dump after 1 game after creating a thread about him to say jump on for at least 8 games, but i don't Believe that is the case here.

  • @Zola25 depends what u want, teamsheets are out and james forrest starts vs san marino, 36p. Couple of IPD's against the worlds worst international team and hes an easy and quick 20-30%. The only one of Scotland's front 3 who's actually on the index therefore hes likely to get all the pre kick off money as well once people see the team sheet

  • @Ole-ole said in £1000:

    Was it your thread the other day encouraging people to buy Bonucci for the next 30 days, or a decent long term hold?! that was a quick change of heart to dump him after one game!

    Yes it was & certainly not thinking of dumping him anytime soon as he is a decent long term hold, as I think he's already proving, 10%+ dividend return??

    I've reinvested the 4p of dividends he's already won me into Modric as another safe (ish) PB/IPD punt.

  • @NewUser159387 .. sorry, I apologise, I misread your post, I agreed with your first post on him, was surprised when I thought id read you had offloaded already, but that makes perfect sense now.. I agree he is great value.. Il read twice before asking daft questions next time..

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