Do your business early?

  • Well the 4th birthday cash bonus pay out is due on the 19th Oct, end of month payroll and then the dividend announcement on the 29th October.
    Do traders think it's worthwhile getting their purchases in early, before the buying frenzy begins?
    It all points to top end being more attractive through enhanced dividends, so this should be where the money goes.
    Thoughts please?

  • Yes do it early and keep your Euro and long term players the players that went nuts in the last month will get a hit.

  • That's not a bad idea. There's a risk that the dividend changes won't benefit the top players as much as people think so you could buy them now and list for sale on the 28/29th and lock in your profit but of course you'd lose out on additional rises if the dividend predictions are correct. I don't have much invested at the top end atm but will probably throw some in after the bonus payout.

  • @Dronny-Gaz absolutely undoubtedly. We cant say exactly what the announcement will be, but we can say with confidence that it will be geared towards restoring confidence, therefore we can say its gonna be something that makes actual dividend winners more attractive. Therefore my approach is to get stuck into all of the players I want to hold long term, all of whom are proven dividend winners. I'd rather do that now than be pissed off later when the site crashes immediately after the outage and all those players have had good rises before I could act.

  • I'm all done and ready.

    From past experience, I think best to do any buying before any announcement. But who knows if I've done the right thing. It's a gamble not knowing what the announcement is.

    It was the top end that benefited first from the announcement of the announcement.

    Most traders won't have any funds available to go big now due to 10% period.

    I think bonus day and pay days will be big, and announcement nights are always manic.

  • Exactly as I thought. Obviously, a little bit of a gamble considering the announcement is 2 weeks away. However, by getting in early you will reap most reward.

  • @Dronny-Gaz @Westy @MickTurbo what players have you already bought/think will be good to buy?

  • @Andy The usual suspects I imagine. Mbappe, Sterling, Pogba and Hazard I've gone in on. Players who have dropped and would have been due a rise anyway.

  • @Dronny-Gaz
    Im sure we will see the big rises in the usual, Sterling, and Sancho and they will trickle down to where i operate.

  • I’m thinking of buying into 5 Wolves players. They have a relatively easy run from now until Xmas and I’m expecting a resurgence. What do you guys think?

  • Definitely get in before the announcement as inevitably the site will crash and when you are finally able to log in Kenny Lala is £4 or something !

  • @TeamGB
    Agree they look good value with Europa too. Seem to have dropped a fair bit lately.

  • @Indexical I bloody hope he is I could sell up and would have hit my target in just 2 months 😜

  • I bought jota thinking he could reach £2 quite easily and has dropped 10p.

    Still think he will though just had an injury.

  • @Andy said in Do your business early?:

    @Dronny-Gaz @Westy @MickTurbo what players have you already bought/think will be good to buy?

    I stuck to my guns. Topped up mostly pb and some mb players. Mainly those involved in Euro20 and club European footy. But also Neymar. Added 2 more pb players that I'd been pondering on for a while.

    People seem to be delisting the likes of Pog n Neymar. But also selling off yth like Parrot to free up funds /buy pv&mb players so the footie has been flat instead of going down post bonus. This shows people are hopeful of increases being announced or even implemented.

    If there are decent div rises I expect lots of money to go in and sustained rises until player values catch up again.

    But after the initial pile in on the premium players, it always trickles back down and yths have their boost. Il be holding a varied port and keeping my yths. But always pb and mb heavy.

    Hoping its a good announcement with decent rises, but gradually implemented. The SS announcements worked very well to keep the market steady and growing. Back then Pogba, Neymar and Sancho were the big movers that everyone was buying. I think it'll be similar.

  • @TeamGB
    id go next year, its the second season were everyone are taking them really seriously, no easy games this year

  • they are going to have to increase divs substantially to get big boys moving/stable, 1p increase here and there and i can see big sell offs at top

  • @shilly
    so difficult to predict. If the top players start moving people get on board and it snow balls, 2p increases in the treble match day will be exciting. Leave star player alone and a 3p media pay out.
    Thats a 37% increase and can save elsewhere if required. The top players need to be targeted this time

    That will definitely get the Sanchos moving if you really believe he is all that. Otherwise step aside and Bernardo can take his place.

  • im like clockwork
    I do my business at 6 o clock every morning before setting off to work
    I let the dog out to do his as well before the Mrs gets up

  • @Westy post bonus? Bonus still in play

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