Omar mascarell?

  • Suprised there haven't been more to jump on this kid sub 50p and real Madrid have exercised a buy back clause similar to morata they will just move back on for profit, has been linked with prem before and he's good player

  • @Simon-j I also think he has potential - had him on my watchlist for a while but can't see any reason his price would move any time soon so I'm waiting to see what happens with the buyback and if he can add any goals to his game.

  • @BL__FI he obviously won't reach the dizzy heights of neymar but its almost a certainty by summer his price will reach £1 minimum therfore 100% return.. Worse case scenario he's kept at back up to casemero

  • @Simon-j As I say I'm keeping an eye on him and I hope you're right but I feel one pound by summer is a pretty ambitious forecast if you look at Lucas Vazquez with Spain caps, goals for the Real Madrid first team, a higher average score and PB dividends in the bag sitting at 98p at the moment ...

  • Derby fan here, Mascarell was on loan with us. I'd personally steer clear.

  • Also he's a defensieve mid with no goals in his career if i remember correctly.

  • @NewUser113683 this "game" is not about who u like or rate its about which players have growth in em for whatever reason, I think pogbas shit most overrated player out there but he pulls me £10 a week in dividends so I happily own him...... Like I mentioned Madrid have exercised his buy back clause so I see growth in him but nothing is a certainty

  • If his price only rises from 40p to 60p av made +40% them numbers suit me😁

  • For 21p more you can buy Jean-Kévin Augustin break through season at RasenBallsport Leipzig 2 years old, 6 goals in 11 starts, seems to be the preferred partner now to Timo Werner when the play 2 up, could well become his replacement in the summer if Werner leaves, now thats true raw value there.

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