Second guessing the market

  • First day back from 2 weeks of not being able to touch my portfolio (portfolio is pretty much level on what it was preholiday, thanks chestnuts and Hagi) and decided to go in on yussuf poulsen.

    Potentially has a game against Luxembourg tomorrow, followed by another 7 games(6 eligible). While not easy bundesliga games, they are all winnable so could be a decent choice.

    Main reason I have gone in on him is to test out if this is a viable strategy. He is ineligible for ipds for the game with Gibraltar currently as its just outside of 30 days. With the Lux game, if he scores he will probably go up on the day, before dropping down again within 48 hours. If he doesn't score, he will probably decrease slightly(with the current state of the index). He then becomes eligible for Gibraltar, which is where the twitter boys bigging up his next 30 days works in my favour.

    If it doesn't work, then I have a forward in a team challenging for the title in an IPD league who are in Europe. He has 1 goal and 3 assists in 6 games for Rb and averages a goal contribution for Denmark of 1 in just over 2(albeit mainly assists)

    Target is to make 15% on him and if he does as I hope, then should be able to market sell.

    Alternatively, all these assumptions could turn out incorrect and I end up instant selling in a few months time with a 9p spread!!

  • @Moukoko how was you holiday? Ibe just opted out for a week also whilst on holiday and quite enjoyed being unable to give into temptation.

  • @Moukoko great strategy and I think hes a great long term hold either way. Worth noting tomorrows game is only a friendly (not sure if you've taken that into account or not).

  • @Stevo generally it was amazing - I'd recommend Colorado to anyone who likes the outdoors and also beers (more breweries that any other state in America I believe)

    From an FI perspective, a mixed bag. Not great to see Pogba nosediving despite my faith in him, however think I would normally have cashed out on Hagis gains before this point so, you win some you lose some!

  • @Moukoko sounds good. Yeah gotta admit there was one or 2 of mine that rose that I probably would have sold if I could have got on but no regrets as it was a nice relaxing break and I think we all probably need to do that every now and again.

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