• Having a think about selling or keeping the batsman....opinions???. Dropped a fair bit recently but started well at Dortmund and with the world cup coming up.....

  • I'd keep. I wadguna buy but sell if you want and then I'll buy

  • He'll climb again bags of pace, got goals in him I'd stick in surprised more haven't jumped on him at a lower price

  • @NewUser122908 yeah I was expecting him to start hitting the £2 Mark but he's gone the opposite way lol

  • Strikers cant score 2 giaks ever game, he just banged in a load he is due a couple of quiet games, nect few games he will bang in a few more and his price will be back up to £2 and above, he is in loan so has so so much to prove to Conte to piss him offf for not having faith in him.

  • I'd expect him to rise again before EL on Thu and then more again if Dortmund get through

  • Not sure if he will get close to the team for the world cup, Surely Merteens and Lukaku are ahead of him to start. Might get a chance off the bench but don't think this will be enough to prop up his price. He only has 12 caps.

  • @Ozzlebert could definitely have an impact off the bench though. I felt sorry for him at Chelsea because he's not a bad players but conte just doesn't rate him

  • I'm holding cause he'll be back at Chelsea in the summer, but this time he should get more games than last.

  • All it takes is an injury to either Lakaku or Mertens and the other to not be in the best of form, Bats having a good end to the season, and he starts could you imagine the irony in that, Conte loans out Bats and he wins golden boot, football is a funny old game never rule anything out. But at the very least he will get the goals for Dortmund and be back at £2 soon, and definitally make the WC squad, and get game time from the bench.

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