Almendra? or Maier? , or both? Or none!?

  • I've been watching these two futures for a while now, only on my watchlist for about 10 days. Thinking of buying one of them since its pay day in a week! One has moved up 6p and the other 8p Since i bought one share in both to watch.

    Almendra is heavily linked to Europe and Maier is being hyped a lot in Germany as a future of the national team and he is coming back from injury very soon.

    What is everyone's thoughts on these two? Does anyone hold them and if so which should i buy if any of them?

  • Maier is more of a defensive midfielder I believe - hasn't scored in 42 Bundesliga games - which means he probably wont do as well price wise on the index.
    Almendra is obviously riskier as he isn't currently in a PB league and needs that transfer.
    For me Maier is a safer hold but Almendra is the one with far more potential upside should he get a transfer to Europe and perform well.

  • Think both would be safe holds, almendra should make a move by next summer I would imagination, I think almendra has the scope to go alot further price wise as well

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