Goalkeeper IPD's

  • Has anybody had some success with goalkeeper IPDs? I have just bought my first goalkeeper and was wondering what other peoples experiences have been with trading them?

  • @Sir-Craven

    Yes but you've got to be VERY CAREFUL with your timing as it massively effects the profitability/viability of the strategy.

    Buy when they have plenty of decent games coming up, often 7/8 eligible if you get an Int'l break included in the 30 days & market sell into another clean sheet for the best results. Don't get too greedy with numbers as trading more than a few hundred often moves the price, making getting in & out more difficult.

    Watch the spreads as popular choices can have 3/4p spread, which on a 20/30p price makes IS an almost nonviable option to still remain in profit. There's profit to be made but generally only fairly small levels unless you happen to hit a purple patch of CS which then gets noticed & drives the price up.

    As a pure punt trying GK's now might not be a bad time as if (BIG IF) they get a boost of some sort in the upcoming dividend announcement at the end of Oct (& the speculation running up to it) you may just get a one off price spike as an added bonus.

  • Bought some Ospina's recently when I saw he started for Napoli against someone rubbish, so I thought i could get a quick divi and move him on. Didn't keep his clean sheet though and now I seem lumbered with him! I like the idea of a few clean sheets on a low cost player, but goalkeepers seem harder to shift when you're done with them (especially someone guff like Ospina!)

  • @NewUser159387 - Thanks for the insight. I have not gone too big on my first goalkeeper IPD punt. So ill bear that in mind. I have gone for Wojciech Szczęsny who is a little higher than the 20-30p price at 43p (is that too much) as they have 7 fixtures in the next 30 days that seems to align with what you are saying above. I was hoping a3 clean sheets in that period should see a little spike and worst case i can hold until the Euros? In your experience has market selling been difficult?

  • @Sir-Craven said in Goalkeeper IPD's:

    I have gone for Wojciech Szczęsny

    Great choice I bought him last week for those exact reasons, as you say, in the worst case players like this can be held until the Euros & sold at any point in between if they spike in price. Given the dividend announcement at the end of the month & the inevitable speculation about a dedicated GK dividend I actually see them as one of the safest & possibly very lucrative short/medium term punts on the index. Personally I think 50p is the realistic maximum price ceiling to make a purely IPD GK play viable but Allison, DDG, Ederson, Donnarumma etc who are all higher have MB & even PB prospects, so not purely IPD plays, so other plausible reasons to hold them.

    I loaded up with a range of GK's at the end of last season (no Summer Tournaments however) as everyone was selling them off as there was no IPD's for a few months. It was a very profitable strategy as I sold nearly everyone for gains of 30-50% in the run up to the start of the season so those are opportunities to watch out for as well. Market sell works well for recognised ones that play for high profile teams but more obscure ones can take forever so IS as a last resort can be needed, hence be careful of the spread. I struggled for weeks to sell Luigi Sepe (Parma) but then he won defender PB & they sold instantly for a great profit so although I had to sacrifice the PB payout the capital appreciation was good.

    Finally look at 2nd choice ones I really don't rate Lloris at Spurs & having seen Gazziniga in a cup game he looked very decent so I bought a decent chunk at 20p as a longer term hold, hoping he might get a chance. Anyway when Lloris did his elbow/arm guess who shot upto 35p & market sold within a few hours - Lucky? maybe but it was a calculated gamble with Lloris having had a drink drive ban & always looking capable of throwing one in his own net I bet he would have some timeout at some point in the season & that paid off nicely. As GK can be bought so cheap you can afford to have them sidelined for long periods without losing too much (not far to fall to his IPO level from 20p) so they can offer a safe (ish) hold in turbulent times.

  • @NewUser159387 - Thanks mate! A lot of information there and some good insight which i will try and take on board. Interesting what you have said about number 2 goalkeepers. It could be a really smart way to invest my dividends as they are unlikely to shoot up before i have a reasonable hold in them. Will require patience though! Really appreciate your overview on your strategy.

  • @NewUser159387
    Do you feel the value has now gone in Gazzaniga?
    Lloris out until the new year and I've noticed that Spurs have a decent run of games coming up, apart from the Liverpool match.

  • There's a lot less liquidity in gks... So don't buy too many shares and make sure you buy a Gk with low spread. Also you have to actually win ipds to be profitable on gks... (not so much with strikers as always new buyers and more of a pre match spike).

    Only time I tend to buy keepers is when the market changes... Announcement of new divs etc. As there is always a slight move to gks in case they benefit. During that time ill pick up the odd cleansheet bonus

  • @Dronny-Gaz said in Goalkeeper IPD's:

    Do you feel the value has now gone in Gazzaniga?

    Still got IPD value, provided Spurs can keep some CS's, but those I held were older than 30 days (so no longer IPD eligible) & 75% capital appreciation was good enough for me to sell out. Now he's currently 38/34 so a 4p spread realistically means market sell is the best, most profitable way out which may take slightly longer but will become increasing difficult as & when Lloris nears full fitness, irrespective of whether he gets an instant recall to action.

  • Thought I'd give it a go on a keeper for some IPD. Went for Neuer, 6 fairly decent games coming up before playing Dortmund. Hopefully pick up a few clean sheets and then try and sell before they play BVB.

  • @NewUser159387 - I hope you hold Romero, just seen him shoot 20 percent because De Gea has come off injured!

  • @Sir-Craven
    i own a few and de gea an alisson are fighting for mb tonight,

  • @kaka8 - Nice strategy. I need to wait for more money to become free before i start spreading my money a little in these kind of holds.

  • De Gea should win MB tonight and with treble media tomorrow he could see further divs.

    With IPDs for GKs as well there is definitely some value in the big names.

  • @Sir-Craven yeh i decided to have 5-10% in keepers. my thinking was they are worth a lot on fantasy football so lets see their price in 3 years

  • ter-Stegen looks a safe place to put some money right now.

    Upcoming games in the next 3 weeks for Barcelona :

    Eibar (A)
    Slavia Prague (A)
    Real Madrid (H)
    Real Valladolid (H)
    Levante (A)
    Slavia Prague (H)
    Celta Vigo (H)

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