Alexis Blin of Amiens

  • Just come across this guy, Alexis Blin. He’s currently at 34p. He plays for Amiens in the French league, 23 years old defensive midfielder.

    Hes started all but 1 game for Amiens this season. Has an assist to his name and looks promising. I appreciate he’s not going to be a massive div earner but he could get a few IPD’s coming his way.

    Plus a good young age in a decent mid table team. At 34p with a 2p spread he seems like very good value when you compare him with other similar players in PB leagues.

    Not saying he’s going to ever get up over £1 but think there maybe a nice bit of growth in him.

  • @Andy-O
    23 year old DEFENSIVE midfielder - DMs don't do particularly well on FI.
    1 assist in 2 months of the season so far tells me there's a 50% chance I'll get a 1p in my 30 days which doesn't excite me.
    PB scores are nothing more than average.
    Also seen a few tweets pumping him on Twitter but personally cant see anything that makes him worth holding at the moment.

  • That’s interesting if people on Twitter have picked up on him. I’m not saying he’s going to make mega money but I don’t see why he can’t sneak up nicely. Just seemed very cheap at 34p (35p now as he’s gone up, so there’s your penny increase😂).

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