Willian legs @£1.41?

  • Gotta be some upward movement for willian surely. What are your thoughts? from what I've seen I'd stick him in and around 1.80. Playing city on Sunday so granted not favourites to come away with the win but long term must go up.

  • @YakofWallStreet I bought in at £1.08, he was up just above £1.50 a couple of days back but has dipped again.

    Talk of Man Utd interest for the summer so I am holding just now. Hopefully some solid showings until the end of the season will encourage more if this talk.

  • Such an underrated player he was pivital in them winning league can't understand why he ain't playing every week

  • Hopefully he'll get a start this weekend decent performance and maybe a goal woukd see him rise 10-15p I feel but time will tell.....

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