Players still to rise

  • Great to see so many of my players rocketing at the moment. Hope others are having the same experience.

    Who has been missed is my question. Not the expensive youth but any good pre bonus pre announcement picks who tick a lot of boxes causing others to rise but not rising for some reason ?

    I’m looking at Zakaria for example. young , euros, EL, haven’t checked his PB but looks like an involved DM/CM who also gets attacking returns, but dropping.

  • @Indexical Kieran Tierney has been very flat for the past week or so, good run of fixtures for Arsenal too

  • The PB/MB beast that is Neymar.
    Actually gone down in value unbelievably.
    Forget about the hamstring tweak. He'll be back bossing games soon.

  • I still think griezmann is looking well undervalued, he’s won pb twice already this season.
    A beast for France, can win PB without even scoring a goal.

    Just waiting to hit Barcelona form and he rockets.

  • @Indexical

    Rony Lopes (81p) at Sevilla is the lowest price he has been in almost 6 months. He is now back to full fitness and played in Sevillas last Europa League game on 03/10/19 against APOEL.

    Sevilla have a run of favourable games over the next month, including 3 home games in a row

    I expect Rony to get a game or two during this period.

    20/10/19 - Sevilla v Levante
    24/10/19 - Sevilla v Dudelange
    27/10/19 - Sevilla v Getafe

    That entire Sevilla team is under priced at present, and are perfect for exploiting the IPDs market.

  • @johnboywalker Own Hernandez for IPD (although 30 days has expired), looking to sell on a spike if he gets a couple more in the Europa league in the Dudelange double header - 2 in 2 games so far.
    With the money thinking of going for Lopes, good shout!

  • Jean-Philippe Mateta for me. Out injured and missed all the new season and bonus fun. I think he's due back from injury within the next month. I'm sitting on a good chunk of shares and am expecting a significant increase in the coming months.

  • @Neil2265

    The Lopetegui tactics, coupled with an easy Europa League group, makes them perfect for the index at present.

    The big bargain I see in that team is

    Oliver Torres - 71p

    Everybody that is jumping on Joan Jordan at £1.76, need to realise that it is Sevillas style of play and Lopeteguis tactics that are resulting in Jordan scoring excellent PB scores.

    Oliver Torres often plays exactly the same role, and is over half the price.

    As we all know, at present, any good performance for a player under £1 and they jump 15p in a matter of minutes.

  • @johnboywalker looking at both they regularly never complete 90mins each, normally replacing eachother so makes it difficult to compete for PB against guys playing a full 90 every week.
    But yes, a good performance and a goal or two would see Torres rise!

  • not an instant pending rise, but once joe willock gets in arsenal team regularly, only matter of time he will then be called up for england senior team

    future world beater in my opinion

  • Draxler @ 87p for PSG. Very cheap. Just back from injury and now Naymar is out for a month.

    Also Morata @ .99. Cheaper than all the other big Spanish forwards. If ke gets a few goals he will rocket.

  • @Bezz82 True he is back shortly but Draxler is a totally different position from Neymar. I don't see the connection (only imo).

  • @gball1975 said in Players still to rise:

    @Bezz82 True he is back shortly but Draxler is a totally different position from Neymar. I don't see the connection (only imo).

    Depends what formation, draxler can be a wide forward right up top or a left mid.

  • Im still surprised Alcantara hasnt had the rise the rest of the big PB players have had

  • Seems the MB midfielders are moving today, but Thiago Alcantra seems to have not got the memo. 🤔

    Hopefully it's the defenders day tomorrow. Digne still underpriced from his high of £1.70ish.

  • I think David Brooks is a great call. He’s been out with a long-term injury as most of us know and will be back very soon. Time to get in now before the inevitable boom.

  • Cucurella looks to be playing an advanced role for Spain u-21 as well as getafe (young Barcelona loanee listed as defender )

  • Frenkie de Jong hasn't seen any rises (for nearly six months). PB average of 125 ain't too shabby

  • Suso, Aouar, SMS, T. Hazard

  • @Ben_pz said in Players still to rise:

    Frenkie de Jong hasn't seen any rises (for nearly six months). PB average of 125 ain't too shabby

    Fckn hell @Ben_pz...

    Can you shup up until I have a cash balance of £2,000 so I can buy myself a 1,000! 🤣

    Was glad he's going under the radar because if they increase PB on 29th at 7.30pm, Barcelona have a home match the same night Vs Real Valladolid at 9.15pm. ⚽

    He's much better at PB than Arthur (£1.80) is younger & also has the Euro's as an attraction come the end of the season.

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