Winter breaks 2019/20

  • What happened to prices of the european players last year before/during the european winter breaks? I joined Jan this year so missed them.

    Is it predicted that people will sell up some of their players in anticipation of the winter break and then buy back again? Or is it simply worth holding with a potential dip.

    Depending on the drops could be a good time to pick up some IPD players on the cheap, but can't see big PB players dropping too much, especially with a potential increase in a couple of weeks!

  • I anticipate euro IPD players will dip late nov and EPL IPD players will fly, then the reverse will happen around new year. I posted some thoughts in the fixture research thread the other day @Neil2265

  • @Neil2265 Bundesliga players will likely suffer the most as they have the longest break - almost 4 weeks whereas Italy, Spain and France are pretty much just a 2 week break.
    Last year we saw drops end of Nov into December in anticipation (they didn't last long as people were waiting to hover up players who dropped) and a lot of money went into EPL players ahead of the Christmas/New year fixture period as you get 2 weeks with a lot of single/double game days with only EPL fixtures. #
    The market typically never acts the same from year to year tho so I wouldn't be surprised if we hardly see any drops this year.

  • Winter breaks 2019/2020

    Last game 2019 22nd Dec
    Frist game 2020 18th Jan

    Last game 2019 22nd Dec
    First game 2020 5th Jan

    Last game 2019 21st Dec
    First game 2020 11th Jan (French cup is weekend before)

  • I don't think the drops were very big at all last year.
    I doubt people will drop any euro holds in the bundesliga just for the sake of a few weeks and then buy back.
    Non european bundesliga are the most likely to take a hit because no one will buy them back in anticipation of the euro’s imo.

  • @Neil2265 The only thing it really signified last year was a steady drop throughout the rest of the season on the 28+ pb players.

  • Worth remembering there's also a winter break in the EPL in February for the first time ever.

  • @Timothee-Atouba said in Winter breaks 2019/20:

    @Neil2265 The only thing it really signified last year was a steady drop throughout the rest of the season on the 28+ pb players.

    But this year might be the exception, at least for the european guys, due to the Euros?

  • @Neil2265 Quite possibly for the ones playing at the Euros but they would have to seem fixed for another season in the same role at their clubs too.

  • I think it will only be IPD players affected

  • @janner73 Don't think I'll make massive changes just because of the breaks, just interesting to know what the trend was last year (although probably not identical this time around).
    Might be a chance to clear out some older IPD/PB players (Di Maria, Morata. Payet etc), maybe for some Jan transfer rumours?

    I'm on holiday at the start of November for 2 weeks, so need a plan between the div announcement, going on holiday, to coming back off holiday and seeing what my port looks like!

  • @Neil2265 Yeah IPD players are the ones that will potentially suffer most as holding an IPD player with no fixtures makes no sense and the money can be put to better use for transfer rumours.
    Pretty sure the fact that we have the Euros will change the way the market acts anyway. Non European players are gonna be the ones that start to suffer in the New Year I think.

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