Are people planning for all types of situations with the dividend restructure?

  • I wonder how many of you have strategies if it's a big disappointment, or if it's ok or if the dividend restructure is brilliant?

    I think they will quite a good job personally but it's still a big guess and I dont want to be planning my port on guesswork so I'm try to work out my plans on each situation in advance.

  • @Tom7471 I think they’ll do a job. This is their most important announcement (certainly in the last year imo) and it’s so important they get it right.
    If it is a disappointment any market selling will be well and truly abandoned for quite a while!

  • @Timothee-Atouba Completely agree I think sadly they have been pushed into it a little but they have to do well or some people will spit the dummy out and sell all the top players

  • Whatever i am planning for isn't what everyone else is doing, judging from my port going down every day this week.

  • @NewUser275766 me too, however we can't be winning all the time.

    Have only made a few changes, cashing in some profit on Santi Mina and Timmy Chestnuts and investing it in Idrissa Gueye for Pb love

  • I'm waiting until its been announced before I change anything. I took my money out for the tax man and before I put new payday money back in I'll hold fire.
    A lot of pumping on Twitter at the moment Orsolini today by a guy with a big following, just like other days people jumping into players on the cuff of others.
    I'll wait until after the announcement watch money pour out of the market flyers from last few weeks pre announcement then invest in the drops.🤞

  • @Doug-s Orsolini is a good hold and was due a rise IMO. Ticks a lot of the current 'trend' boxes.

  • I currently have:

    42.5% of my portfolio invested in the big guns (winners of both MB & PB);
    15.3% in transfer prospects (players likely to join a PB league in the next 9 months);
    13.8% in youth prospects;
    10.6% in players only likely to win MB;
    9.5% in IPD players; and
    8.4% in players only likely to win PB.

    I think that's a decent spread, particularly if the big guns get a boost from the dividend review.

    Maybe I'm a bit light on PB players, but I tend to find the players who win PB regularly are often big MB hitters too.

  • @Neil2265 my mate had him @ 88p so he's enjoying the ride, hopefully Barella is due for a rise aswell. Seeing Sensi has risen aswell.
    Twitter is naughty for a pump n dump got burnt couple of times.
    So happy to watch and sit it out.

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