when is the right time to sell???

  • Hi, I'm new to the football index and would like some advice on when to sell a player. Ive currently got coutinho and he has gone up around 20p per future for me today alone which is great, but I'm not sure whether to sell him shortly to cash in before his value plummets or wait a bit longer and take advantage of the possible move to Barca.

    Any advice and feedback from people who have been in this situation before would be much appreciated. Thanks

  • I'm a fairly new user and had lindelof before his move to Man U. His price increased and thinking it would peak as his move was confirmed i kept hold of him. Depending on how frequently you monitor I would suggest you sell just before you think a deal is finalised as that seems to be the peak. Although, you will likely lose buzz payments as they go into overdrive after a big transfer is confirmed.

  • 20p as a percentage of his buy price isn't much. You'll need to consider the 2% commission. Also, if you are selling "instant sell" that's another 2%.

    Yes, I've noticed the plummeting price too. I suspect the price to bounce back come the new season.

  • You will barely be able to find the right time to sell - some do, some dont. As a rule of thumb you should set yourself a target as in to when you would like to take profits, e.g. after 40% return. Always bear in mind that you have to have a return of 5% to break even. If you trade purely on rumours your profit taking should be quicker compared to long holds.

    Look at VvD - the next closest CB in the PL is David Luiz and look where he is trading at...always keep in mind where other positions are trading and this should help you to decide when to exit

  • @NewUser70624 good advice. My target is usually 20% - 30%

  • Thanks for the advice guys a lot of good points to consider. I've made a few small mistakes as I'm new to this but I'm slowly starting to get the hang of this. I think the commission is something everyone needs to be aware when selling players.

    Regarding coutinho I think I'm gonna keep him until hopefully he signs for Barca and then cash in and potentially pick up some buzz points.

    Another question. With the buzz performance being introduced shortly are you guys stock piling and keeping hold of more top tier players like neymar, ronaldo, messi etc???

  • Personally, no. I'm looking at lower prices players who I think will spring a surprise or two. I also suspect defenders may rise in price little as they'll have more focus from a dedicate buzz award.

    Those in the non-English leagues are a good idea though as often have different match days, which increases the likelyhood of a win.

  • Another thing to bear in mind is that if a player is rising then you can market sell him and avoid paying the spread - just the commission.

    If a player is dropping then you will have to IS him probably.

    Its therefore better to sell just before he peaks than just after. Obviously, its judging the peak that's the tricky bit.

  • As a rule, I don't buy players to sell them. I'm going mainly for long term value.

    Neymar's dropped- not bothered. Long term he'll go up.

    It's only a loss if you sell.

  • @CleanShirtTrader that's the way I'm thinking at the minute. To anyone out there who has been around a little while how much money have you made on the index and is most of that money made from buzz wins and long term sales.

    I have futures in bale and countinho and made a nice few quid off today's buzz winners and that looks the way forward to me.

  • @lanceindex Just look through the twitter accounts. People are making £000s over buzz this summer, mainly on Neymar and Coutinho.

  • @CleanShirtTrader spot on! Think of all the potential Buzz, goals, and WC coming up

  • @FI_Konrad yeah the World Cup is going to drive prices through the roof this time next year. Makes sense to invest in the big guns now and cash in after the World Cup next season.

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