A Strategic Shift in an Exciting Time

  • Hello all

    How are you doing? Its been an exciting time to be on the Index these last few weeks. There is plenty to be excited about as the product grows and develops. We are still all early adopters. Anyway, I just dropped a new blog post about how I have shifted my strategy a little in the last few weeks as the market had swung a little towards shot termism and thus had become more turbulent. Have a look and let me know what you think!


  • @FIGenesis I'm intrigued by your thought about wylan cyprien as a key man as you describe him. I'd say I agree and I do hold quite a few myself but why when all the other PB midfielders are rising has he fallen 5p?

  • Thanks for another great article, I could list numerous examples in the last few months where I should have been more aggressive with the profit taking during the highs so good reaffirmation people are thinking the same in the current market.

    I'm also someone whom would normally buy in 50's but your last article convinced me to go in for 100 Griezmanns and bought in at £2.44. Seeing the benefit today of being slightly more aggressive when you see the opportunity price was right, also, he was involved in goals in both games over the international break so that was nice bonus for IPD's.

    I've been following Hernandez for a while, he will be next in line for me now based on this article. (100 of course not 50 ;) )

  • I have 2 of the players you highlighted in your article. My strategy is to have a minimum of 100 shares in a player otherwise it's pointless if you win dividends. I had 400 in Mbappe but I derisked after he tanked due to injury. I see him as the top player in the world in a few years so I'm willing to be patient.

    I've noticed how mature Guendouzi is with Arsenal lately. He seems to be demanding the ball more and being vocal in driving Arsenal forward. A future captain?



  • @Stevo hey bud. Thanks for reading. I’m pretty confident Cyprien remains a very solid PB play. He’s risen a bit today. He’ll rise a lot more if he hits a solid PB score this weekend. I think his drop was just people moving money around to exploit the big rises that were going on.

  • @DW thanks for reading! I am right behind you on Griezmann. He’s been one I’ve topped up all summer. As you say he’s PB gold for France and should find his feet at Barca soon enough. Also Theo Hernandez is primed for big PB things if Pioli deploys him as an attacking full back. He’s made for the new PB matrix! On the strategy my natural instinct remains to hold tight I still have to really force myself to sell!

  • @Londoner hey bud. Thanks for the comment and for reading the blog! I am all over Mbappe. I’ve been topping up through the dips. As you say, if he keeps on his current trajectory he’s the workd’s Best player in a year or so. I’ve got 250 so far. I also absolutely love Guendouzi. I think, as you hinted at, he’s got captain material written all over him. That, plus he’s a PB player if he gets the chance to play as a box to box and not just a water carrier.

  • great read as always - sticking with the french theme im interested to hear your thoughts on Moussa Diaby - do leverkusen fancy him, how good can he become?

  • @G27 hey bud. Thanks for reading. I love Moussa Diaby. Upped my hold in him this week. He looked fantastic for the U21s but as you suggested Leverkusen aren’t quite into him yet. I think he’s got superbly talented players ahead of him. Plus, his touch still isn’t top level. He can terrify defences with his pace and direct running but he can sometimes turn the ball over a bit too much. I think that’s possibly a concern from Leverkusen as they play possession based football. Still, I expect him to see his game time increase as the season goes on plus with Havertz due to depart next summer and possibly Bailey I think he’s a first team next season.

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