Ronaldo or Messi

  • Ronaldo is my favourite player of all time, but Messi is a far better investment prospect. 🤷‍♂️

  • I’d go for both.
    Still at the top of their game. I hold both but significantly more Messi. they are proven div winners, and hope to see some good price rises off the back of the announcement

  • @Zola25 Nice one. Thanks for answering the question mate. Surprised you didn't mention bale in there. Sure you would have had an argument for why he's so much better than Ronaldo and Messi as a hold.

    I hold bale btw :)

  • @NewUser397358 Messi edges it for me as im not sure about Ronaldo’s PB potential under Sarri and im also concerned that his MB will still suffer for a while in the aftermath of last years allegations. Messi has PB and MB covered and im sure he will until the day he retires especially as hes openly said he wants to end his career at Barca whenever that may be

  • @Zola25 great work pumping completely irrelevant players. This forum would be an absolute treat if every thread every person just pumped a couple of random players in their portfolio instead of helping the person who asked the question.

    A few months ago I held both and sold both. Now I've bought back into Messi as the dividend rise will guarantee to help regardless of whether it is MB or PB. I also divested from ronaldo as I have a slight fear that this could be his last season in Europe. It's not based on much and openly admit that. But I get the feeling that Messi will be around longer and is more critical to his side. But as said there are no rumours or anything to base that off

  • i believe that if ronaldo was still at real madrid his price would be far higher

  • @MickTurbo very interesting reply I hadn't thought of it like that.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor haha yeah I started reading that comment and thought I'd clicked on the wrong thread. Thanks for the reply great that so many people are active on the form and give there honest opinion. I went for Messi in the end. Think your right on Ronaldo possibly not having long left in Europe but I imagine he will get so much hype around the Euro's.

  • I know you've already decided but Messi for me too! I think he will be playing in Europe for the entire duration of your 3 year bet, where as I think Ronaldo will be in another continent (North America probably) if you were to start your 3 year bet on him today towards the end of it.

    Of course it depends how long term you want to hold your shares!

  • I have bought Messi again. Generally when dividends rise a lot gets thrown at him usually. Not planning on holding him indefinitely though want out before he goes out of the UCL.

  • I've gone Ronaldo again. I know messi is the goat (2nd only to greengoat) but hes risen alot compared to Ronaldo. Hes due a rise now!!😁

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