Vladimír Darida

  • Is anyone else on Vladimír Darida? Seems like a good find but I may just have missed any other conversations/ pumps/ criticism!

    I spotted his name last night when he scored against NI, looked in more detail today and have bought in. He has 2 PB scores over 200 and currently only 60p.

    He’s been moved to an attacking midfield role in the last 2 games for Hertha Berlin and played a blinder in both:

    V Koln:
    2 Assists. 8.19 on WhoScored. 162 PB

    V Dusseldorf:
    1 Goal, 1 Assist. 8.68 on WhoScored. 226 PB (w/o gwg!)
    Won positional and star player divs.

    With pb players growing ahead of div announcement he feels like a good find. He’s also had a 221 PB score and a 109 in a 45 minute performance.

    He’s also Czech captain so likely to have Euros. All in all looks like good value at 60p to me - room to grow and any more pb divs are ~5% a time!


  • @ssalot Thanks. I’m moderately aroused. Will mulll it über

  • Good climb today 👍 Another solid performance in attacking mid role on Saturday.

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