Squad pb winners

  • As its looking likely there is gunna be a divs increase Is there anyone in the sqaud who has won pb this season and will realistically still win some more pb or someone who u reckon will win pb a few times this season.
    Prefeably going to euros but not essential

  • @R2d2 off the top of my head I'm sure alassane plea £1.38 and marcel halstenberg £1.13 have both won it. Plea made the france squad this week so hopefully will be at the euros, halstenberg is a cert barring injuries

  • There are a lot of squad defenders that could win PBs. Some should go to the Euros, others won't. They include: Trippier; Tah; Emerson; Alonso; Kenny; Kolarov

  • For their prices in the current market craziness, I'd say Rodri at £1.35 is the best value this is purely considering all others in his role ie Jorginho/Arthur/F. De Jong & Kroos are all at/just below/ just above the £2 bracket..... A. Plea is good value also

  • Di maria

  • @R2d2

    R pereira

  • Agree with Plea and Halstenberg. Tah, Elvedi both good value right now and will be at Euros. Zakaria (90p) is another Swiss player who has some decent pb scores under his belt.

    Also Zinchenko - Ukraine already qualified for Euros and he plays in midfield for them. Also obviously got a good chance of pb with City's attacking prowess.

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