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  • New to FI, i can see that there's an Instant sell button to sell futures which will sell for a significantly less amount. If i sell using "Join sell queue", will my futures be sold for the buying price?

  • @KingJimoT yes mate but you have to wait for a buyer and in that time the price could slip lower. You get whatever price the buy price is when you get to the front of the queue minus the 2% commission charge.

  • @Stevo Aware of the commission, thanks for the other info though. It's best to avoid instant sell then?

  • @KingJimoT instant sell almost always a terrible idea. I only ever use it on sub £1 players when I'm looking to free up some extra cash.

  • @KingJimoT it's generally a bad idea unless you are happy with the amount of profit you are making anyway and also if a player is in a huge decline that they are likely to recover from it is sometimes best to just go for it to get rid.

  • U can set a minimum amount but never same as sell price, always been 1p less from what av seen... Av just sold off a load of Messi for 1p under market value took 2 hours but then I did same with Costa and didn't sell for a day so depending on popularity or how long u wana wait but instant sell is a no no for me

  • Yea even selling on the market is 1-2p less than the current buy price

  • @YakofWallStreet said in Help on selling:

    Yea even selling on the market is 1-2p less than the current buy price

    This is incorrect information dealing to market is to sell for buy price at the time the sale completes if someone’s just instant sold two hundred shares yours will sell 2p less at the reserve however it’s still at full market value there is no reduction for sell to market except the 2% FI charge transaction fee... you get the live price !!!

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