Jean-Clair Todibo

  • He had a rise due to his home debut v Sevilla last time out but has since dropped from 78p down to 70p, perhaps on the presumption that he won't play again for a while but there's a good chance he will.

    "After the international break, the culers will face Eibar without Gerard Piqué who picked up a 5th yellow card against Sevilla. Araujo is also banned and with Umtiti unable to play, only Lenglet and Todibo are fit to travel to Ipurua."

    Umtiti hasn't been completely ruled out but he is only back in light training and with Pique suspended for picking up a 5th booking v Sevilla (and Araujo also suspended for a red card in the same game) Todibo is set to keep his place for the match this weekend v Eibar and be partnered by Lenglet who is himself returning from suspension.

    Barca have relatively easy games either side of the El Clasico and Todibo may feature in one or both of these also to make sure their 'big boys' are fit for the Real Madrid match. Todibo is in the CL squad after all and could play v Slavia Prague.

    "Ernesto Valverde may be keen to play Umtiti from the bench, given his lack of competitive action, with El Clasico against Real Madrid looming on October 26. "

    0_1571270031386_Barca fixtures.png

    Even if he doesn't feature much in the next few games, he's a long hold for me. Umtiti will get injured for the umpteenth time soon enough and Pique will be suspended (7 bookings in 10 games so far!) or rested often enough and he won't last forever.

    There might be some of you who think 70p for a CB who isn't a regular is high enough already and that's fine. There is no hard sell here.
    My argument would be that he's been above 60p for months without playing and he had that decent spike for just one start this season before dropping 8p. He will have opportunities this season which should see his price go back up.

  • @dean73 this is a decent point but if you consider that lenglet is pretty much a regular now and has already won some dividends this season and is only 71p I'm not sure how much he could grow again unless he turns out to be absolutely amazing?

  • Oh this is a really interesting one so would be curious for other peoples thoughts here. About 6 weeks ago I did some modelling on who the most underpriced under 20 year olds were on the Index (I can share it with people if they are interested, but don't want to overpump!). Two players that came through were Todibo and Bastoni so I now hold both of them. The only reason I mention Bastoni as he is in a similar position to Todibo as a young talented centre back coming through a big club.

    The truth is though, I have no idea where my exit point is on these two. I thought that both of them could hit around a pound quite easily, but there are so many examples of good CBs paying less that I am now questioning it. Are centrebacks just gone now that fullbacks are so in favour on the PB matrix? Can they still rise, and if so, what is driving that rise? I have no idea anymore on centrebacks on where their price can go, so would love other peoples thoughts on this.

  • @Stevo I see your point but most youngsters are higher priced than a lot of experienced ones. Sure, sometimes these prices have transfer moves to bigger clubs factored in but not always.
    Bornauw at Koln was IPO'd at £1 for some reason but why? Is it because he's only 20yo? Maybe but he plays for a side likely to be relegated (again) this season.

    I then tried looking at other similarly aged CBs around Europe and some of these are...

    Zagadou (82p but can't get a game for Dortmund)
    Sarr (82p @ Nice)
    Badiashile (87p @ mediocre Monaco)
    Ozan (77p and can't get a game for Schalke)
    Schlotterbeck (81p @ relegation threatened Union Berlin)
    and even Eder Militao (84p @ Real Madrid)

    All similar aged CBs to Todibo who play (or don't play as the case may be) for inferior clubs than Barca (Madrid maybe not but just a couple of starts for Militao this season) yet they are all priced higher.

    And what about all the CBs at crappy or promoted teams in the EPL?
    Are Norwich's Zimmerman, Godfrey and Klose (all 91p but only one of them is a regular) going to win PB or MB at any point? Highly unlikely so why would you bother with them? And why are they priced higher than a lot of midfielders or strikers at the promoted clubs who might actually earn you some dividends? Doesn't make much sense to me.

    Todibo is younger than all I've mentioned in this post, is lower priced and is at a bigger club who will go much deeper into competitions than most and currently have injury and suspension issues so he is likely to feature.

    That's my reasoning anyway.

  • @Dr-Jan-Itor
    It is interesting, yes. Bastoni was one of my first holds when I joined and I have mentioned him before. He's had a decent rise on the back of just a couple of games and will probably continue to rise with more exposure.
    But how high can they go? Probably not too much if I'm honest.
    The new PB matrix doesn't seem to do CBs much good really. It's not that it favours them less than before but, as you say, it now favours FBs and so these are the ones being bought. It can also suit holding midfielders better too, if they are the deep playmaker type.

    I think if you look at the prices of a lot of CBs, especially the younger ones, they will probably not exceed £1 in the main. That is unless they play in England.
    But I'm fine with that. We all need to adapt as things change.

  • @dean73 makes Jack O'Connell at my team SUFC look very under priced. Matter of time before he gets an england call for me if Mings and Keane can get a call. Less than 50p 🤷‍♂️

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