PB Announcement

  • Does anyone think there'll be an additional dividend payout for goalkeepers?

  • Nope, not enough of them on single game nights!

  • @Mog9
    Possibly get their own category on double or treble or both days, or maybe enhance their IPD CS win, perhaps with an extended eligibility period?

  • It would be a very big change if so, i'd think not but I'll be watching the ticker now and again to see if people are starting to go big on goalkeepers leading up to the announcement.

    I've bought a small amount of Dragowski just to ensure I don't feel like I've missed out completely if so!

    Right now the market seems to be eating up PB attack minded players so that's where the market thinks the announcement will primarily focus.

  • Simply, no.

    Goalkeepers make up a minority on the index, so despite being a key position in "real life", goalkeepers just aren't ever going to be on an equal footing with outfield players.
    That's just the way it is, and always will be.

    They may as well introduce a "managers" category for MB if they give goalkeepers a PB category. Same odds of winning and the advantage is very much skewed towards us (the investor) so FI would never be so foolish / generous.

    Davide De Gea had won MB twice in 2 days, so it is already possible for these cheapies to win divs.
    That's plenty

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