'Tier 2' PB players

  • So we've all seen the likes of Kimmich, Kroos, TAA, Pjanic, Sensi, Alberto be the first to gain significant rises in the build up to the main announcement - I fully expect these players to be amongst those to have the biggest gains in the immediate aftermath of the announcement.

    For those who feel the may have missed the first boat, as the 'top tier' players increase this will widen the gap and create value amongst the second tier of PB players.

    Yesterday I picked out Axel Witsel (currently £1.24) & Ilkay Gundogan (currently £1.00) as some 'Tier 2' PB players who will be sure to catch a wave of investment once the top tier players appear to have maxed out.

    Who else do we think falls into this category and is worth getting in on ahead of the 'trickle down' from the very top players?

  • Idrissa Gueye. Decent scores since moving to PSG. Doesn't seem to even need a goal

  • @Chris-J yesterday I mentioned Sergio canales who at now just over 70p is an absolute bargain if you are buying mainly for PB purposes. He won best midfielder twice last season on a triple buzz day. I wasn't met with total agreement on this suggestion yesterday but if you are buying the likes of gueye then I can assure you canales is a far better option and also 50p cheaper than witsel.

  • From my port I'd say Alassane Plea, Dani Ceballos, Luca Digne who has a 12.30 KO on sat on sky vs west ham, Federico Chiesa and most suprisingly of all IMO Houssem Aouar.

    All of these vim suprised havent risen yet and am confident will be the next wave, I think in particular Ceballos may have been over looked because spain use him as part of a front 3 which impacts his chances of mixing it as a midfielder but every chance of some big scores in coming back with arsenal and with some favourable fixtures coming up

  • In my port Anderson hasn't moved in a few weeks. Obviously no Euros but good involvement for club and potential transfer. Good for PB and good looking fixtures for West Ham.
    Also Payet as Marseille is a good shout for PB at 80p, at least until Janurary until Thuavin comes back from injury (also own and think he'll be great for PB).

  • @Stevo Looks a good option at 70p - A lot of Betis players have taken a hammering from last season since the change of management and not being in Europa.

    I suppose CL fixtures & playing for a dominant team is what justifies the price difference between Canales & Witsel/Gueye.

  • @Chris-J yeah I dont think gueye or witsel are bad options. I own a few hundred witsel myself but canales is cheap in my opinion.

    Only thing is I'm not sure if hes still on pens now fekir is there? Think both his PB wins were game winning goals form penalties.

  • Kevin Stoger at 88p, just coming back from a big injury but from the stats on IndexGain he should post some good scores with the new matrix. Maybe more of a tier 3 PB player though? Teji Savanier is about double the price and should win divs throughout the season also just back from injury.

  • @Moukoko 20p increase in last week. Good chance for a PB on Friday.

  • Joao Moutinho -44p. PB winner from last season fairly cheap due to a slow start to the season for Wolves. Portugal squad for the Euros as well.

  • Still Like Barella @ £1.45 and will always be compared to Sensi & Chiesa who are already £1+ more expensive, i can see alot of growth in him

  • @Chris-J

    I see value in canales. I'm in : )

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