Anyone tempted...

  • To sell a few PB holds who have shot up recently?

    Players like verrati etc that post big averages but struggle with peak scores. Likely to drop if they don't win soon.

    However if the div announcement is ridiculous and doubles PB or something then these players and other PB players could almost double in price

  • I have. Bird in the hand and all that. Derisking the whole portfoilo. Rockets or the lemming dive off a cliff tomorrow. My low risk nature I rather have the money waiting to go back in when it settles down if it does. Still got plenty players in the mix so either way I'm happy. Just got this Pogba albatross spoiling the party.

  • @FINorth it's going to be a big pb increase. The big question is whether anything new structure wise might happen... Tiered pb etc will add huge value to players with good pb avg who often miss out. I don't expect it... But I think a lot of them are still good holds yet.

  • If the announcement is half as good as EJs suggestions in his blog I think the rocket will be going for days. I hope they’ve sorted the site traffic issues or I can see it being Monday before we can login again!

    Realistically I think it will be less attractive and I have been tempted to sell some of my 200 Sensi and some of my Pjanic as they have risen substantially.

  • Pogba will come good tomorrow

  • Best time to sell is when people are buying.

    There are a lot of low value 'PB' players being bought whom may never see another PB win again, or, where thier decent scores may never become 'GD' winning scores.

    If you're currently sitting on target profits for holds like this you should consider it, who knows how the market will be seven days from now. (Booming still hopefully).

  • @DW said in Anyone tempted...:

    Best time to sell is when people are buying

    Pish! People started buying veratti and jorginho etc days ago and still are. You'd miss out on 40p rise when the IS is only 5p.

    Its a very generic statement often misplaced. There is a lot to think about when buying/selling. At some point you have to ride the wave and make some profit!

  • I've got a few players at the minute who I've absolutely no intention of holding long term but who were obviously gonna rise over the past few days for various reasons. Some I've already shifted, some are in the queue, some are approaching my get-out price. I'm more inclined to top these up at the minute than my proper holds because it's more quick profit that will be put into my proper holds In a week or so.

    The ones I plan on holding long term I will just take the highs in my stride unless they go ridiculously high then I may have to review. Other than that I've got a mental note of which quick flips will be used to boost numbers in which proper holds

  • Just wondering if Pogba will join the party?
    He was starting to rise then news that he was injured for weekend and the buying stopped.
    Seems so unlikely that he won't get a boost especially if he gets the mb boost.

  • Ive just listed Goretzka after listing Sensi yesterday, both went(or are going) through very quickly but i thought id take the profit now as they have both spiked and reinvest it elsewhere.

    I used the sensi ££ to get 500 Ocampus's and top up some of my existing hold, just waiting for the rest of my Goretzkas to go through before i go shopping again....

    Goretzka is a bit of anomaly for me in that he seems to do better when he's injured but as soon as he returns to fitness, people remember that he plays for B Munich and the minutes on the pitch for him are limited, especially now with the extra competition he is up against this season. (Alcantra / Coutinho / Perisic / Tolisso / Gnabry)

  • @Advinculas-Index I sold my goretzkas this morning, 300 went in less than 2 hours, I made 10% in under 24 hours and saw better opportunities elsewhere all things considered

  • @NewUser384837 I fecking hope so. I’m ready to IS if he doesn’t and never look at his smug mush sgsin in my portfolio

  • I've sold my 50 in sensi yesterday I bought at 48p and never topped up as I thought I had missed out time and time again. ...😤 topped up on Ronaldo with my profits...

  • Won't lie, getting rid of Veratti really does tempt me, got an average price o £1.27 and his current price is £1.74, decisions decisions

  • Got to take that sweet, sweet profit sometime. I sold off 20% of my Kroos and Veratti futures this morning. The rest i'm keeping until the Euros.

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