Football Tickets in Italy

  • Sorry know this is a very random question, but wondered if anybody had any experience in regards to buying football tickets in Italy? I go away with the mrs on 08/11 and Lazio are at home to Lecce. Just wondered if anybody thinks we can just wing it and buy tickets on the day? Or if not where would anybody recommend buying tickets online?

  • @ChazFI123 when I went to milan I bought tickets online from inters website to watch inter V juve and we just printed the tickets off and took them on the day.

    If you really want to go I dont think I'd risk just trying to buy some at the stadium because they were really strict with us checking every ticket against our ID.

  • I bought Napoli tickets in a lottery shop near the train station in Naples last year.

  • @Stevo ah okay cheers mate, managed to find Lazios website and how/where to buy tickets!

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