• What are everyone's thoughts on Dele Alli?

    Currently £1.74, surely Tottenham will improve after the international break?

    Dele will have to up his game to get back in the England squad ahead of the Euro's, potential £2.50-£3 player if he does?

  • @HughesFI maybe but with potential PB rise tomorrow it's the totally wrong time to buy because he's been crap PB wise for a long time.

  • Only spurs player I hold is Kane and for obvious reasons.
    No other spurs players really get me excited investment wise.
    I think Dele has to produce first before people start to think he is under priced.
    At the moment I say he is slightly overpriced.

  • Kinda with everyone else here. There are a few spurs players undervalued like Alli and Son. But now doesn't seem the right time to invest in them unless your eye is in 3-4 months time

  • i worry about Dele now

  • Kind of player who, if he rediscovered his very best form, might still only be so-so for PB, but would have very good MB potential. Unfortunately that's not the draw it once was, of course we dont know what's coming tomorrow though but the general feeling is that MB as we once knew it, is done.

    So theres the big IF over his form and theres possibly an even bigger IF over the draw of MB going forward, therefore hes a big risk in my view

  • In FI Terms he is a boring version of Vanilla

  • @Stevo not buying just yet, added to the watchlist and see how he starts to perform. See what dividend increase is aswell, what is your prediction for announcement?

  • I am seriously concerned for Dele Lingard, has been on a downwards slope for 18 months- 2 years now

  • Lo Celso a much more attractive buy. Once fully fit will start over Dele. A proven PB player at Betis, attacking mid, yet has barely risen since returning to training.

    The other Spurs player to look at is Sessegnon. Will replace Danny Rose in time and could even make England Euros squad if fulfils potential in next 6 months.

  • @HughesFI hopefully just an increase across the board 😁

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