FAO Newcastle fans re Almiron

  • Is this bloke going to come good at all? I’m badly down on him since I bought him when there was some hype around him. He looked a future star at first but has gone backwards. Does he just need a goal to get him back on track or is he just crap?

  • No end product currently.

  • You sense a goal might start something with him, but I just don’t know if Newcastle ever have enough possession for him to be a pb threat whilst he’s there. I sold mine last week when deciding the cash could work harder elsewhere.

  • I’m not sure they are set up to support forward type players. Look at Joelinton, lots of promise but looks wasted there, I’m sure he’d be a different player at Leicester or Wolves??

    They won the United game due to the CM scoring from outside the box, a great goal, but they come once every 10 games. They can’t get the ball in the right place for the poachers.

    So in short, he’s not crap, just playing for the wrong team

  • Seems to have the pace and can excite the crowd but then it goes wrong for him where it matters.

  • I think the thing with Miggy is he's trying too hard to do everything. Last season when he first signed he had Perez playing well and Rondon playing well so he didn't get as much attention. This season he's the danger so people are watching him and he's trying to be the main man and do everything. I think when Saint-Maximum starts playing regularly Miggy will play with a bit more freedom and it will click like it did last season.

  • I actually think he looks class but would be so much better suited in a possession style team like City. Shame but I think he will be wasted there

  • Funny cause I was looking at him this morning. I was looking to put my bonus into a player whose peak price has been much higher than current price and who has been on a downward trend for 3 months or so.

    Almiron fit the bill but in all honesty 85p wasn't low enough to tempt me. 70-75p and I'd consider buying in. Ayoze Perez is a similar price and did way more in a Newcastle shirt.

    In the end I went for Diogo Jota whose price has dropped and dropped recently

  • @BradD Don't buy Perez until after Christmas. He doesn't start playing well and scoring goals until he's had his Turkey and made new years resolutions.

  • Jury's still out on Almiron at the minute. I think any import needs time to settle and it often takes a full season. I agree with a lot of the comments above, especially that we are crap and in a different team it may be a different story. I'm a massive pessimist at the best of times, probably with good reason watching us. But I don't rate him, simple as. Hope I'm wrong. PS Must admit I felt the same about Perez so the same result would do me and have a hunt for somebody else to sell after we sell Almiron for £x million.

  • Always looks busy and never stops running but doesn't really look comfortable in front of goal. Maybe its a case of him trying too hard, you get the feeling even one scrappy goal would help him out massively.

  • If he could just slow everything down 10% he would probably be a decent player

  • wrote this about him in previous thread 5 months ago:

    @Keegans-Bluff said in Almiron:

    Seen Almiron mentioned elsewhere - and just wondering whether there's any logic behind this, apart from the fact his price was severely inflated following his transfer?

    His average PB was 68, with a high of 117 - and he didn't ever threaten MB.

    If you look at the prices of some other Newcastle players who have all won PB this season - Perez (62p) Rondon (46p) Schar (34p) - I'm not sure of the reasoning that Almiron should hold his current price, let alone increase?

    So I thought he was very inflated after his transfer, even if he had come in and done well - which he has not.

    However, whilst clearly low on confidence at the moment, he's still starting games, has all the raw ingredients and is looking to be involved. He is capable of improving his end product - which has been pretty woeful so far.

    There should be a spot in the future where he 'comes good' which may provide a better opportunity to sell, or stop the rot on his value. We've looked better since Bruce has gone back to Rafa formation (surprise, surprise), and run of fixtures now is pretty good, relatively.

    Really though should always ask yourself when considering whether to hold or not - would I buy this player at the moment?

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