Ryan Sessignon

  • Looking for some help with this one, have a small holding from when I first joined and didn't really understand why I was buying anyone. Ryan Sessignon is now the 2nd most expensive defender and only 9p less than Kimmich. I know he's been playing Futher forward recently and his stats are incredible but is this enough to justify this huge price. No chance of PB and little chance of MB unless he gets into the world cup squad, which would be a brave call by Southgate. Anyone seen alot of him or can offer some insight to his price?

  • @Ozzlebert he scored a hat trick against us in his 50th appearance at the age of 17. He has pace to burn and finishing is quality. He's been compared to Gareth bale and surely going to move in the next 18 months for huge money. Not sure how he would be viewed if he continues to play further forward. Players positions have been changed previously so would his price reduce if he changed to a midfielder or a forward?

    Either way he's another one I held for ages and sold when I made the tiniest bit of profit! Just another example of practicing what I preach and be patient on FI!!!!!

  • @Ozzlebert opta will reavaluate his position to forward for next season. And a lot of big teams will be linked with him giving potential for mb

  • How people can justify paying this kind of price for a defender that does not qualify for PB, need there head looked at. He might not even leave Fulham next season, as his twin brother also plays there so might see another year there to improve his development a better option if he is wise. if he does get a move, chances re he will spend most of next season on the bench so wont get much PB opportunities anyways, also not tested at premiership leave for us to know if he will even be any good at PB, if you hold him at that price I would sell in a heart beat and re invest, you have squeezed out amazing profit there, theres much more chance of his price going down than up now.

  • @SMacFI I don't understand a lot of buying on here players like sess u will have to sell way before they peak 3 year share(he won't be 20) and he is never gonna justify that price in returns with mb or pb ....but people love a bandwagon lol

  • I thought he'd have stopped at £2 but his been flying up recently! I wonder which big team will be happy to spend £30m+ on him and play him regularly enough for his price to stay high. He fits Tottenham's profile but would they pay the money? Chelsea would be a great fit but they don't seam to be spending big money on youth. Would Jose play him at united? Do city need him with Mendy coming back? Liverpool maybe? Love to see him go to Dortmund or Monaco but I'd be surprised if the big 6 let that happen.

  • Spurs is the obvious one for me, if they do get him, I think that would mean Rose would be getting moved on and i thin only Man U are in need of a left back now but Jose reckons Shaw is now doing the business, unless its a cover up to attract buyers in the summer, and the plan was always to off load Shaw and get in Rose. I like Alex Tellis stats, was hopping he would get a transfer here to, am sure someone will snap him up somewhere else in Europe.

  • I suppose they would get similar money for Rose and get a more exciting young player who could be great for them for 10 -15 years or if he's really good they can sell to Real for £100m before his hamstrings go!Rose hasn't really played this year so less pressure to get 30+ games from him as a replacement. Not a bad call.

  • @SMacFI Telles does look good. Decent price as well. All depends on a move to a qualifying league for PB.

  • Just look an son heung-min price £1.40... he be lucky to be anywhere near that good and doest play left back anymore, more a winger..... I don't get how a bit of speculation can drive a person's price higher than a better player already at that club in position where he will go.....

  • Exactly good business for spurs, but from a FI point of view buying him at that price is just crazy. I guess a good example is Van Dijk was so over priced was ridiculous 2.20 he his and is now dropped back to a more true price of 1.73. Sessigson will do the same.

  • @SMacFI I bought 15 vigils at £1.73 rolls Royce of a defender but has still dropped am keeping away from cb's now maybe a odd fb

  • @Simon-j The thing I have discovered recently is that Defenders have a ceiling price that generally few go above, so you are fairly limited on your gains you can make in value increase.

  • @Simon-j agree VVD is class but Liverpool play too high paced and so his passing stats aren't great when compared to the City players at a similar price. Passing is king for CB PB performance from my research. Some great CBs out there at good prices. Koulibaly has just had a massive drop and he is always up the charts on PB.

  • Av bough Martin me he's on for pb again today not bad for a 60p player.... They conceded aswell funny how things /points work out. Fb seem to rule over cb though

  • @Simon-j Martin -what's get first name

  • Arron Martin, surprised if he won PB with that score, not impossible but still lots of games to play. Also too late to buy in and win today. 2pm deadline.

  • Pretty much every defender other than the top 3 maybe 5 need a goal or GWG to win pb, and I have searched through the starts to find a goal scoring defender, there does not seem to be many about, unlike the old days of JT.

  • @SMacFI ha aye jt was a fantasy football shoe in for a while loved a goal... Mccauley gets a few for wb but there foookeed

  • What's the player to buy then I'm new to this

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