If you bought Neymar at £8.20 don't panic!

  • Watching tonight eagerly. Big holder of Neymar and other PB MB players.

    As I predicted, he shot up the most. He shot up to £8.20. If you got in then, don't worry about the sudden drop. Many will have waited for a certain price to be able to sell up- traders that were running out of time on the 3/4 yr shares on him. Other traders that need to get money out etc. It was always going to be a chance to sell to market or IS when the IS rose enough.

    He is recovering already, now that many big holders have sold/put up to sell. There will be many still looking to take profit or sell at a new peak if they need to. Long term I think these rises mean he rises. There will be lots of calculations going on to see new values...but the interesting bit was the message at the end about annual dividend reviews and further dividend ideas, this is far from a final valuation.

    The massive increase to triple days (Gold days) really separates the PB beasts to the lucky pop chops. MB has seen some love too. So I still see him as the best dividend player taking into account age and possible future transfers, even with the messy 2 seasons he has had! Imagine if we see him back to his best!

  • @Westy Messi and Neymar benefit from the dividend changes the most. Both rack up high PB scores for fun and are always in the headline. As soon as both (especially Neymar once he gets back from injury) post huge scores, more people will probably jump on them

  • Neymar has shot up wildly and then dropped back by about half of that at every announcement I can remember in my time here. He will be good value long term but I'm not sure why anyone would think that dipping their toe in at £8.20 was a good plan. The time to get in was before the announcement as it already seemed highly likely he would benefit at that point. If you get in after, you are just reacting and most of the best value has gone unless you have some serious patience.

  • @Alpilgrim true, but to those that did, they shouldn't panic. He should earn plenty of divs and be one of those to benefit from the star man hauls.

  • The increase is good enough to raise the ceiling. I wish I could buy back into neymar and Messi in large quantity, they are gona get a fair few star man awards and mb.

    Genuinely think we can see a £10 this season now.

  • I think if you gave me a sum of money to deposit now it would be into Neymar, he benefits from the MB divs changes and he massively benefits from the PB divs. If anybody is going to break the £10 barrier it will 100% be him, plus all the divs you’d collect along the way!

  • I sold him this evening in the queue at an average of around £8.05 however, he has proved to be a great investment in the time ive had him racking up dividends consistently though MB and PB when he plays.

    I think once the market settles down and indeed, should he drop any further tommorow i suspect he will be one of the players that benefits from tomorrows payouts.

    He quite rightly the highest priced player on the market at the moment and higher he goes the better it is for all of us indirectly.

  • Are we all forgetting his injury record isn’t great recently....

  • @Collymore10 and despite this hampering him from playing football he is still bringing in the bacon regularly.

  • As thought, people ran out cash and others took chance to sell, pay days have brought him back up. I see him going beyond his previous peak 8.50ish, but may take another pay day boost or 2.

    Still expecting some selling of older holders too so will still be some drops and settling time again.

    And this is while there are still injury concerns, match form etc... Nowhere near his best.

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