Jordi Alba

  • Jordi Alba at £1.11 looks decent value following this announcement IMO.

    He averages the most passes per game for Barcelona with 94 a game & 1.8 key passes (extra points). That's a lot of PB points as a baseline. Add 25 if Barca keep a clean sheet & 18 for a win

    With the additional points for tackles, interceptions, crosses etc....... he will only need an assist or a goal to be in serious contention for PB.

    In 305 career appearances for Barca he's scored 16 goals & got 57 assists.

    In 70 appearances for Spain he's scored 8 goals.

    Barca should also go deep in the Champs League where they pay treble PB from the quarter finals onwards.

    Spain should also go close to winning the Euros.

    The only downside is he's 30. But he looks almost certain to return a good percentage of his current price in divs alone this season.

    Anyone disagree or see better value elsewhere?

  • I agree. But won't add anything, as you have covered most of the points. 👍

  • Got 124 today with no goal and assists and with Barca uncharacteristically having less possession. Will hold for a while yet.

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