Euro 2020 - Bronze, Silver, Gold days (WC 2018)

  • Looking ahead towards the Euros with the new dividend structure, any thoughts on how FI will categorise the match days?

    Trying to remember back to the World Cup and can't recall many single days but it was a while ago and early in my FI life so may be wrong.

    Would love to see some Gold days but not sure it's realistic apart from the final?

  • Gold days from quarters onwards I'd imagine

  • This post is deleted!

  • Best get my Ronaldo hold topped up then in hope!!!🤞

  • Do we think it will still be gold for the CL/EL quarters onward too?

  • @NallyCat oooh good point....

  • 0_1571431363487_Screenshot_20191018-214225_Chrome.jpg

    @NallyCat if they were gonna change that then they might of alluded to it here, I had the same thought myself but theres no mention.

    With my legal head on though, I reckon if they do plan to change this then that could be the ulterior motive behind changing single, double and treble to bronze, silver and gold because this would technically make them a different dividend altogether and as such it could be said that historical data does not apply, obviating the need for an announcement which would be met with derision, therefore I think they will no longer be classed as treble days

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