Mbappe - is he PB ready?

  • Obviously with the Euros in the summer Mbappe will be talked about alot as well as transfer spec but is he now PB viable too?

    Played 10 minutes tonight, got a goal and an assist and scored a PB of 135. Had he played the 90 he likely would have won top forward.

    Historically his PB scores haven't been amazing but could the new matrix new suit him? A goal and assist isn't 135 points so he must have done quite a bit in those 10 mins.

    Side note...Icardi also got a goal and assist tonight but played 90 mins and was outscored by Mbappe

  • @BradD

    Did you watch the game? Clearly not.

    Mbappe did well when he came on. But he joined the match when Nice has just been reduced to 9 men.

    Context is key. Let's not exaggerate.

  • @johnboywalker Didn't watch the game no but have seen the details. Icardi was also on the pitch the whole time they had 10 men and then 9 men but Mbappe still outscored him in 10 mins.

    Yes Nice had 9 men but my question is...the way Mbappe plays, is he now more suited to PB than before? I'm not saying he will be a PB king, I'm just asking is he now a little more attractive?

    9 men, 10 men or 11 men, PSG will dominate most teams.

  • @BradD he’s PB ready now. Will become more suited as he develops.

  • @BradD

    He had a full tank of fuel, against 9 men, and was repeatedly used by PSG as the spearhead of the attack to exploit the tired legs of the opposition.

    His score in detail.

    13 mins played.
    7 accurate passes.
    1 goal.
    1 assist.
    2 key passes.
    1 big chance created.
    1 shot on target.
    2 shots off target.
    1 shot blocked.
    Winning side bonus.

    Think that about covers it. He did well, and I expect him to start against Brugge midweek.

    But like I said, context is key. The situation for Mbappe hasn't changed. He will still be second fiddle to Neymar, and lose PB points as a result.

  • Be even better when he's at Liverpool!!

  • @BradD
    Neymar will win more PBs almost certainly.
    BUT, Mbappe is still a fantastic buy in FI terms as

    1. He's still so young and already sensational. Goal tally to increase this season with Neymar playing deep and likely to assist him a lot. So in play divs and PBs a possibility.
    2. Euros next year - biggest star going into the tournament? Maybe so - MBs likely. Plus, France can win it.
    3. Real Madrid transfer spec all summer.

    It's a no brainer to buy him I'd say.
    Good luck whatever you decide!

  • @Rajiv Neymar playing deep? On what evidence?
    Correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t he been playing LW for his whole PSG career?

  • Been a long term holder and pretty confident he will bring in divs.
    End of last season he started getting better scores. Just need him n Neymar back together, seems like a year since they were tearing it up. Neymar generally wins the pb battle, but with new matrix mbappe will take a few too.

  • @Westy

    The sell queue must be massive for neymar, messi, Kane, Kimmich and mbappe. All buy prices on my players are hugely down. Is this the start of a massive crash.

  • @NewUser336426 lots must be coming up to their 3yr/4yr end of holds and hoping to sell to bonus money.

    Lots will see this as a peak to get out on, especially if they panicked recently.

    But I have no fear, the rises are decent for the pb elite and mb weren't ignored. Plus another review in August!

    Many were hoping nothing would happen divs wise yet, just that they'd drag out the news, they have acted and are dragging out news of further improvements that aren't too far away.

    If they drop, I buy and hold. Once the sellers are out of the way, the big pb players will rise steadily.

    I think many are forgetting knockout rounds in Europe are trebles. And many ignoring the news of annual div reviews and the hints to more div ideas coming.

    It's going to be all about the div earners and which yths will be the next div machines.

  • @Andy Yep few couple of games last season manager played 3 upfront (di maria, cavani, mbappe) and neymar in midfield - once was vs Liverpool in CL at home, and PSG won.

    The game Neymar scored a late winner recently this season, he played deep too - similar position to when Klopp moved Coutinho from left wing to midfield (but very attacking) behind mane, firm, salah forwards.

    He's not going to play in MF every game, but the manager is trying it out in some games.

  • Almost 300 points tonight playing just 40 minutes. Even without the multiplier has a second half substitute ever registered a PB score as high?

    4 goals and 2 assists in his last 50 minutes of football...could be in for a huge season

  • Looks on it ! PSG are a great watch right now!

  • 22min, the quickest hattrick by a substitute in CL history.
    I don't own as he's too expensive for me but what a player.

  • @BradD Neymar will most likely dominate PB at PSG once he's back fit. Has always been the case and I expect that to continue this season.

  • @Harmonica #Mbappe2020

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