18th October media winner?

  • Did anyone else click into VVD and Pogba to see their detailed media points were higher than that pulled into the media table on 18th? More to the point- when I checked around 10pm, Pogba was over 100 points in front... if an error in the winner has been made, not only do Pogba holders lose out on precious divs but also I would imagine his share price might get a boost

  • @Finbob2000 The buzz site shows Pogba on 410 and drilled down the articles add up to 410. VVD has 460 and his articles add up to 460. Link below.


  • @janner73 , thanks for checking. I should have took a screenshot last night. Maybe there was an error in the detail- I clicked on about 4 players to see the media points breakdown and the top two def had more points. Was a busy eve, so maybe some tech hitches.....or I was just dreaming for a Pogba win!

  • @Finbob2000 I know the day before there was a bug some people were getting where articles from the previous day were showing in the drill down so it's possible that bug was there when you checked and the drill down was showing some of Pog's articles from Thursday?

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