Marco Verratti

  • I invested heavily in this player a while back and with the early window speculation his price shot up but has since leveled out since he signed a new deal with PSG. I'm not fully sure how the upcoming performance buzz will work but my understanding is Verratti is someone who should do well? Any advice? Should i sell or hold on? Thanks

  • It is just my opinion, but I rarely see Verratti getting Performance Buzz scores high enough to actually win the payout. He seems like a very good average performer rather than a player that will occasional hit very high peak scores (>200) and thus give chance of a PB payout.

    He does, however, have the advantage of playing for PSG - Ligue 1 has some funny scheduling which means they occasionally have unique game days - but even then, will he outscore a great performance of fellow midfielders such as: Lucas, Di Maria? I'm skeptical.

    Just my take on things for what it's worth. Could be completely wrong.

  • If he achieves the same numbers as last year he should do well. Especially now he's linking up with the likes of Neymar and Alves. PSG should win the league this year which will provide additional points. I'm definitely holding on to him.

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