Capital Growth vs Dividends

  • Afternoon All. Just hoping to gain some of your thoughts on the above. Whats your over-riding strategy to gain cash uplifts? Dividends or portfolio value growth? I know one tends to lead to the other, i.e more media / performance points lead to increased prices.
    Only been on here a few months - but my stance is more towards capital growth. The dividends dont appear to be rich enough to make material gains. At 2p performance dividends you would need a very high number of futures for decent gains.
    Whats your thoughts / approach?

  • @NewUser115892 my portfolio is entirely dividend based any growth is a bonus. I have a target of 1% a month dividend return. February I hit 3%. 1% a month is still 12% a year which is a very good return. Dunno where you got the 2p figure from as the only one that's 2p is star man.

    Media - 5p
    Single game day - 4p
    Double game day - 8p
    Triple game day - 12p

  • thanks Noir. got the 2p dividends number from the below. must be out of date!
    to put my approach into context - for every £1 of dividends i have earned in 2 months - i have £4 of capital growth! may just be the way my portfolio is structured?

  • I work out 90% of buys and there value based soaly on mb dividends it's the only reliable income pb is far too sporadic, capital growth is an added bonus, its pretty easy maths to work out which players will generate a good %roi and as soon as people cotton on to this capital growth gains will be much harder I think as the majority of players will never return % and therefore have basically no value...... I saw someone buy 100 shamus Colemans before that's just money down drain as hel be lucky to return 10p a year per share imho

  • Player values get inflated... Transfers, good performance, transfers links uv just gota get on and off at right time if u wana flip...... I bought someone yesterday cleared £10 today with a flip

  • @Noirx4 Do you have a capital growth target percentage or is that 1% too?

  • @KingJimoT nah people are all proud of their growth stats atm but so much of that is just general index growth. Capital growth is a bonus in my world I care about dividends.

  • My portfolio shows 4% growth. It's not real obviously because of the spread. Selling up would cost me money. Unless you can afford the seriously big players forget MB and to a certain extent PB. The Neymar happy press right now makes MB pretty redundant at the mo.

    You have to look ahead. Treat it as a game and enjoy it, mix it up.

  • @Noirx4 fairs, would've thought that capital growth would be a priority around here given the fluctuations of players. Maybe I should focus on racking in the divs...

  • Focus on the dividends yielders, and the growth will come.
    If people see player 'x' is paying out frequently they'll jump on board.

  • @KingJimoT all strategies are good but I just feel people may all be patting themselves on the back about how smart they are for getting growth. But if you've got 10% growth while the index grew 20% you're not doing that well on growth. Dividends are just easier to track.

  • I've just started getting more serious with this and restructured and put in more investment to focus on dividends and put some money on players like Kane, Salah and Pogba and Neymar, all have had both dividends and growth since i bought in. Some people see these as the highest risk others see them as low risk. Depends on outlook. My question would be who do you think will be the best FI players in 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. Personally I believe that it will probably be Kane, Neymar, Pogba and one other (no idea who, certainly wouldn't have said Kane 3 years ago!) if you plan to hold for a long time then don't worry about capital growth. These players will bring in dividends and grow. As long as the market is strong then the top players will stay as the top players unless someone comes along and knocks them off, if you watch football closely then you should see this coming and jump on, even if you don't get on at 75p you should still see profit getting on them at £4.

  • @Ozzlebert KdB will be the other.

  • @CleanShirtTrader Kdb is seriously overlooked/undervalued

  • @CleanShirtTrader I'm not sure about KdB, love him as a player but never in the media and doesn't seam to dominate in PB as he should. I'd be happy to be wrong on that though.

  • @Ozzlebert Watch what happens when FI shift the points per assist. Which they will.

  • The best strategy is the one that works for you.

    Personally when PB was expanded to the squad , I decided to 100% focus on MB for the reason that I expected that as PB players infiltrated the top 200, it would become easier and easier to win MB and capital gains would follow. Its a strategy that's worked pretty well for me - checking through my transaction history, I think my 15 man portfolio has won media buzz every day during the last 4 weeks and often gets most of the top 5.

    Since then prices have rightly increased for media players so I'm not sure if its still the best approach - I tend to be pretty risk averse so I have cleared my portfolio of non WC players and will probably clear the WC players before they knocked out.

  • @CleanShirtTrader My observation from watching city is that he is the player that unlocks the defence usually with the pass between CB and FB that then ends with an assist for the player he passed to. As I said I'd love for his dividend to reflect his talent. The PB points are hard to understand at first, I kept watching Arsenal play terrible football and Xhaka get 100 points and dint get it. Assists are not fairly scored but the system is at is it and once you 'get it' its easier to predict.

  • @CleanShirtTrader city's 5th best midfielder today. Not in the game I watched!

  • Plenty growth in Bernardo silva... Hel really kick on next year scores and assists

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