'We want to reward long-term player performance'

  • Interested by this comment from Adam Cole at the end of his statement.
    "We want to reward long-term player performance. We’re looking to implement a performance score, accrued over a number of games, which will be rewarded at the end of specified periods"

    My first thought were high PB base scorers. Players like Verratti who are hitting close to 150 -200 every game but struggle to win PB.

    Any ideas on this?

  • I interpretate this to mean something like player of the month but will require a few balancing factors they will still need to work through. For example if it was a straight totting up process number of fixtures in the period would be too powerful a factor.

    You would have to assume points will either be PB or MB based.

  • @Ben_pz i took it as possibly a payout for top average PB score of the month/year hopefully for each position.

  • @Ben_pz I think this is exactly why the first and biggest wave of investment hit the high baseline midfielders early this week. I’m comfortable with people in the know telling their mates. It’s life, it’s a perk.
    I must say though that if this is introduced what with the 16p treble day payout now too these players could start eating into their price very quickly.

  • Best way to do it would be to average a player's monthly pb score rather than adding them all together. Then it doesn't matter how many games they play in a month. On top of that, have a minimum game requirement. Also make it pb leagues only, CL games don't count due to the multiplier.

  • @Timothee-Atouba True now looking at it with hindsight the rises in certain players makes more sense. Andy Robertson yesterday another good example of a good scorer that doesn't translate into many PB wins. Frenkie de Jong another.

    I'm also ok with the leaks as I know i would do the same. Now when I see the market doing something different to what was the trend I know a possible announcement is on the cards.

  • @Timothee-Atouba @Ben_pz or maybe it's just people taking a gamble? There were plenty of people that thought tiered PB would be introduced which would also be a reason that high baseline players would get an increase.
    There are how many tens of thousands of traders on the platform now? It only takes a few to take the same gamble and we can see very quick rises in players.
    Goalkeepers saw a rise yesterday to - was that a leak? A wrong one if so.
    I think we need to get out of this always suspicious mindset - it's a gambling platform, people take a gamble. Just because some happen to have gambled correctly shouldn't mean we always come back to the assumption there was a leak.

  • @janner73 Yes sure i'm not saying those rises were solely down to leaks but it's been quite obvious that there are significant leaks on previous occasions. Before recent 10% bonus announcement the top ten went from falling to rising in the hours before (quite significantly) and also the same happened on the previous large announcement (can't remember which one of the top of my head).
    It's quite obvious information is leaked in my opinion. I'm looking at it as a positive though and using it as an early indicator to what s going to happen.
    Edit: Come to think of it also a lot more activity before announcement of bringing the dividend announcement forward

  • @Ben_pz Personally I disagree. I just think there's some very obvious trading behaviours taking place. Listing and unlisting for example would have the same effect - it's not unusual for people to unlist ahead of an announcement.
    Maybe in the early days there were leaks but I think the platform is too big now and i'm fairly sure FI would have strict enforceable non-disclosure agreements for their employees for big changes as is standard for most companies.

  • @janner73 But how would people know an announcement was going to be made?
    Both times recently I've thought something odd is going on here I bet something is about to happen and both times later that day something changed.
    Anyway i'm not trying to start a conspiracy theres too much of that on here at times. I just think it happens.

  • @Ben_pz A huge amount of traders just follow whatever someone else is doing - it just takes one or two to start buying certain players, then others start following like sheep, then FOMO kicks in that someone must know something and before you know we've had big rises. It's the someone's in the know so I must follow mindset that cause it in my opinion rather than a leak itself.

  • @Ben_pz You've mentioned the bonus as having the possibility of a leak, but they've done bonuses on FI's birthday before, so that's not exactly a hard one to predict. Granted it was made a little uncertain due to the way the market stalled beforehand, but the bonus prediction wasn't rocket science. But yeah, i agree with @janner73 - I genuinely don't think its people leaking stuff, like he mentioned there are so many people on this platform, some people are bound to be right with the gambles they take on here.

  • @janner73 Well in that case i'm happy to follow it because every time they've been exactly right

  • @Ben_pz The announcement being brought forward as given a fairly big hint on twitter by Mr Cole - you could argue that's unfair as only twitter users would have seen it. But the smallest thing on twitter drives people into a frenzy of speculation.

  • @Ben_pz The risers were obvious as hell to me. Dividends were almost certain to get an increase, most people thought it would be PB. If it's a PB rise who gains most? Midfielders because they win star man far more than any other position. Did I think the star man increase would be as big as it was? Absolutely not but PB midfielders were always likely to be the most obvious biggest gainers to me.

  • @janner73 I'm actually not talking about this one as much. I too invested heavily in PB players and higher end as was the most likely outcome.
    It was more the hours before previous announcements. Neymar and Pogba etc going from falling to rising within hours of an announcement. Maybe i'm wrong which is fine. I just have noticed now on multible occasions something changing in the market hours before a big announcment. Maybe it's a collective sense of something about to happen sure. I just think a couple of times it's been a bit suspicious.

  • @Timothee-Atouba
    i think so

  • @Ben_pz I can see why you would think that and either one of us could be right we'll never know :)

  • @janner73 It happens, it’s perfectly normal.
    I wonder why after a stagnant few days, all of a sudden one day before the announcement is brought forward do we see the market fire up at a pace?
    People were trading knowing the date would be brought forward before it was announced.
    I’m absolutely fine with it.

  • @Timothee-Atouba Because Adam Cole put a bloody big hint in a tweet it was going to be brought forward :)

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