New day, new dawn?

  • Right OK, I've had time to sleep on this now & digest the implications of yesterday.

    In fact, I've been chewing the fat over in my mind since 7am this morning & I've think I've got a handle on how the market will react.

    Dividends reviews (probable increases) are to be evaluated at the start of each season - so I kind of over reacted yesterday with my call that the market should have went bigger.

    Looking at it today with a clear mind, the Gold Match Days are going to be HUGE!

    8p Top defender
    8p Top midfielder
    8p Top striker
    8p Star Man
    3p Top Media

    That's a possibility to win 19p a share. 😨

    Ok, unless your called Messi, Neymar or Ronaldo if your outside the English PL you probably ain't going to win the MB. (3p)

    But there is still 16p potentially on offer for all those in the 5 eligible PB leagues.

    Yesterday's announced no doubt added value to the premium players who are good at the game. I'm talking your Messi's, Neymar, Kane, KDB, Kroos, Parejo, Pjanic, TAA & Kimmich's.

    But unless your a whale 🐋 or have a 50k+ portfolio you ain't going to be able to buy these in bulks of 1,000 (as I like to) so this leads me looking for players sub £1.50 that I can buy in bulk that have a good shot of winning the 16p. 🤔

    If you land 8p or 16p on these lower guys it's a huge percentage rise.

    I'm going to have to reshuffle a few holds personally, but these are a few that for me, stand out as premium 'lower value' holds.

    Sergio Ramos - £1.04.
    Takes penalties, should be in the running for top defender everytime he scores. Real should be in the latter stages of European competition (Champions League or Europa) so eligible for the 16p in a relatively small pool. Also has the Euro's with Spain (Captain) plus he takes the national side's pens. I feel he's a must hold now in the new system.

    Kolarov - 92p
    I've had & sold this guy this season already, but much for the reasons above (Penalties, Roma top of Europa group etc.) he's also going to be in with a shout of top defender everytime he scores.

    Jordi Alba - £1.14
    Younger than the others so has mileage in him as a long term hold. Attacking FB, Barcelona are likely to be in the latter stages of Europe plus has the Euro's.

    David Silva - 69p
    We all know it's his last season at City, but alongside KDB this little maestro still runs the show. Goals & assists aplenty.

    Capable of some big scores PB wise, this guy could also win the MB being an English based player. City are likely to go deep into the champions league & will be there or thereabouts for the title. Could generate some serious media as his retirement draws closer, but obviously you have to time your exit with this guy - but his price screams value to me.

    Any others people can think of? 🤔

  • Nicolo Barella £1.55 - he has competition with Sensi / Brozovich but consistently scores good PB and is considerably cheaper than both. I believe he is ahead on Sensi in the pecking order for the Italian side also

  • @Ericali I agree with Ramos. Was mulling over this morning and he was the one that stuck out for me. Big pB scorer and has potential GWG often due to penalties. To win defender PB you often need to score goals and he does more often than anyone I can think of.

    Bonus money just went into him.

  • @Ericali Mentioned him in another thread but Joao Moutinho - 44p. Won PB twice last season, Wolves starting to improve after a slow start. Europa League and Euros with Portugal.

  • @Advinculas-Index said in New day, new dawn?:

    Nicolo Barella £1.55 - he has competition with Sensi / Brozovich but consistently scores good PB and is considerably cheaper than both. I believe he is ahead on Sensi in the pecking order for the Italian side also

    I think he is decent value to other PB holds but is he going to win a Gold match day top midfielder/star man? 🤔

    I don't think he has enough goals in his game to do that.

    For me, more of a bronze match day potential winner.

  • @Ericali
    I’m pleased with 1 Nov changes & future plans
    It’s frustrating we’re still having‘glitches’ (suspension)

    But this platform is not ‘free money’ so will never be perfect

    I’ve banked profit but plan to start afresh & have goodies stacked for a future head to head with Vasp

    All the best Gladiator 💰

  • @Ericali

    Probably not the best example in the context you are talking about - If Pogba was £4.50 cheaper i have perhaps pumped him instead ;)

    Laporte might be one considering but he is just above your £1.50 price range (£1.73)- he scores goals and because he is not due back until March he will benefit from the phenomenon of players seeming to be more attractive when they are not playing.

    Also, assuming Man City get to the QF stages of the CL he will be featuring in these games as well.

    He is a long term hold for me , one i was going to offload when he was close to playing again, but with the new dividend structure being what it is im going to keep him longer.

  • Seems to be a general sense of positivity this morning. I missed the announcement but reading through it seemed to be a slight disappointment. I hoped for more of a shake up to but now with a bit of perspective an over 50% increase is huge. And with the mention of changes further i'm more than satisfied.
    Anyway back to point in hand - players reaching latter stage of Europe big winners. Also you would think Euros in the summer. The big name players seem the biggest beneficiaries but I think there could be some bargains to be had. Players that will go deep for club and country.
    Wijnaldum perhaps?

  • Zinchenko is one for me, along with Halstenberg. Both attacking fullbacks in top sides (CL, top 3 etc), have the ability to assist and score. Also both will be at the Euros with Zinchenko playing in centre mid for Ukraine.

  • @Ben_pz @Abaalan like these picks... 👍

  • @Ericali Tollisso - decent baselines in the alcantara mould with more of a goalthreat. Dechamps likes him too started all of France's recent games. £1.50

    Other one who has a good shot of PB is de Paul Udinese - but hes doesnt have europe or euros £1.60

    Cancelo - if he plays regs for city - if he plays today he might show everyone how good he is in the live late game on sky and get a nice rise. £1.30

  • David Alaba, he is due back from injury in the near future. 94p for who many consider to be the worlds best left back who is in the Champions League and the Euros...yes please

  • Thilo Kehrer - Coming back from injury. Played in PSG's first game of season at right back and was on for very good PB score before coming off. PSG should go deep and think he should be back for first bronze match day for PSG on 1st November

  • Thiago Silva only 37p. PSG should be latter stages of CL & a 16p win is over 40%+ of his price.

  • @Ben_pz I don't think he will dislodge Meunier.

  • i think greizmann is still good vaule how hes under £3 i will never know wins mb always good pb scores especially when playing for france , takes free kicks pens and world cup winners.

  • @Ericali is it 35 days for ipd from 1st Nov or is that made up?

  • @Ericali came off injured last night but still cheap

  • @Will78 made up I’m 99% sure

  • @jay cheers pal 👍

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