Is pb broken?!?!

  • Messi scores and assist and posts 134. Wtf?! Griezman gwg and assist... 183.

    Was expecting them to be 250+ (not that I'm watching the game)

  • Strange game where eibar had more possession but Barca were clinical.

  • Messi did not play well overall and was not much involved. Frenkie was ok

  • PB was not broken it appears there is a fault with Barcelona instead...they won anyway.

  • According to sofascore he had a goal, an assist, 2 key passes, a big chance created and 4/5 successful dribbles. With the win as well, surely that leads to more than 134? Or do we think the big chance created for example might be the same action as the assist and therefore only count once?

  • @EThomas9 Remember there are negative points on negative actions too

  • He lost possession something like 26 times according to sofascore

  • @Deej.11 this has been bugging me since yesterday and Messi's 134 score isn't a result primarily driven by losing the ball 26 times. According to the 2018/19 season he lost the ball on average 19 times a game! (Shocker I know).

    Here's the key differences between Messi's performance yesterday and his 2018/19 average.

    Accurate passes - 26 Vs 53.8 - 28 less PB points.
    Shots on target 1 Vs 2.6 - 12.8 less PB points
    Offsides 2 Vs 0.5 - 7.5 less PB points.

    Apart from the above everything else lines up around the same. I've also been a bit lazy here it not rounding up or down but you get the jist.....

    So if he gets back to his base performance from last season you can add roughly another 35 to 40 points which takes you to 170. Then assume he's got the GWG in there and your 200+.

    I think there will be plenty of occasions this season where Messi will get two plus goals in a game and on those occasions he should be comfortably around 200+ all things considered.

    In short I'm just putting the low score down to him getting back to match sharpness!

  • What about MB. Seemed to be no more articles about Jesus after 10pm and therefore ibra wins by 20 points. Seems ridiculous.

  • @DW thats all very helpful thanks

  • @DW I think it’s important to remember than even though he is a PB god, and yeah I think he’ll win PB on numerous occasions this season, he can’t score 200+ every single game, it’s just not realistic.
    That being said I do agree, he’s still getting match sharp after a slow start to the season, and during this time he’s already won PB

  • @Andy its also worth remembering that hes in the media nearly everyday so always has a chance to bring dividends in that way from either a top performance, career milestones or a slow news day

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