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  • Hello all,

    I'm recently new to football index, I started a few weeks back and have made a slight profit of around 7.5% currently from my trading. I have started to adapt a few ideas of how I'd like my portfolio. I think i'm going for a few buzz/pb winners, a couple of good younger players who I think will also improve over time, and then a little fund aside for buying players in the plan of selling them on quick hype(which is obviously hard to do but i've had a little success already with this, and its a way of building capital without having to deposit all the time).

    I'm interested in listening to others ideas for there strategies and comparing them to see how they are doing compared to myself just out of interest of numbers/growth really.

    Also if anyone could tell me what the 2 numbers at the top right hand of the screen mean that really clear up some confusion that is slowly eating away at me everytime I see them lol

    Cheers for any replies.

    FI Newbie

  • @NewUser122568 Dear Newbie (from a newbie)

    That sounds like a great strat of investment. My portfolio consists of potential PB winners and MB players, the only contrast from you is the Young Players section. It's just not my cup of tea, and I don't want to wait 6 months for a small return on someone that "could" be good. 7.5% is a great start, how much did you originally invest with? Keep going the way you are, maintain spreadsheets, set targets and you'll sailing! As for the numbers at the top, they're not relative to you is all I know, but somehow represent the growth of FI.

  • Hi @KingJimoT

    Thanks for replying :) .. ah i thought it might be something to do with that but I wasnt sure if it was the number of users or something different.

    I initially started with £100 but i've slowly built this up to around £300 in deposits so far, i've always been interested in investing and stocks/shares have interested me for a while but i've never had the time to learn the ins/outs of how they work so this is a great way for me to invest a bit of spare cash using something I know a little about.

    And yes I agree with you regards the youngsters, I should have been more clear, by good younger players I mean the likes of potential superstars who are already playing at the top of the game, the likes of Jesus/Mbappe etc, who could win MB/PB but also I believe could have a vast growth if they hit the right bit of form or transfer between 2 big teams.

  • You sound like you got a good understanding of the basics, always keep some cash in your profile wallet for when a player sudenly presents himself, i used to instant sell a lot of players when i started when i seen another i wanted quickly. Worst thing you can do. As for young players. When i say young i mean players on the edge of breaking in to main team so you have to wait minimal time for growth, keep an eye on starting line ups, if a cheap young player with potential starts he can rapidly go up in value. I really dont get paying £1 plus for young players out with the top 5 leagues gambling on them getting a transfer to England. Try to keep you cash working for you

  • @NewUser122568 Hey

    FI is great as it's allowed me to combine football and economics into one universal concept. Few of my friends got into trading stocks on big boy exchanges, and no matter how often I looked into it, I couldn't get the principle and was adamant that I would fail and lose most of my capital. FI is alot less volatile too, like how often do you see a player drop more than 0.20p in a day?

    I initially invested £60 after browsing FI for a good month, which sucks as I had my eye on Milinkovic Savic when he was in the £2 mark and now he's risen exponentially in the past few weeks. I see this as a recreational app more than a chore, so my target percentage per month is 10% and 2% in divs. As iterated, I'm not looking to be the next Warren Buffet and make bank, just another way to generate more funds. Keep in touch, seems like we're in the same boat. :)

  • Probably should have put that long post I just wrote in the one-man portfolio thread in here ...

    As a further general aid to newbies, this is the performance buzz scoring matrix (if the link works):

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