Lucas Vazquez to Arsenal

  • Seen a few stories of a £17m bid for jan, currently 45p seems very cheap if this goes through

  • After Arsenal's considerable outlay in the summer, I highly doubt there is any truth to this. However there may be value in selling on the rumour even if it is false

  • May depend on whether they get Ozil off the wage bill or a few of the others getting moved on. Due back from injury next week so might take a chance on him

  • Fraser going for free in the Summer, sounds more likely. Why spend 17mil on a bench player when you can get a prem experienced similar player.

  • But if it does happen, yes he is very cheap and would easily double.

  • Assuming the 2 main strikers stay, this signing doesn’t really make much sense as they’ve got Saka and Nelson and Martinelli who are all only going to improve. Signing a forward basically stunts their development for about 3 years. Although if they qualify for the CL (I don’t think they will) they definitely need reinforcements

  • I was also thinking of investing in Lucas Vasquez.
    He does look likely to leave in January, arsenal still heavily linked but surely even a move to a good serie A team should see a rise. What do people think?

  • Reports suggest he'll be leaving sooner rather than later, saw leverkusen linked aswell. Haven't seen anything after the intial reports of the arsenal bid so will be interesting to see if it develops

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