Monday 5th March - IPO Preview. New Kids on the Block.

  • I think we're in for a hot day on the IPO's tomorrow.

    For those who like pretty pictures rather than reading

    Starting with the most promising, Ferran Torres has already broken into the Valencia matchday squad and getting decent minutes. Read a report that Real and Barca are very interested in him and Valencia increased his buyout clause to deter them. Could be a genuine wonderkid!

    We see another Arsenal youngster off the conveyor belt in the creative Josh Da Silva/Dasilva, reports suggest he's a free-kick specialist but with a very good all round game. He's only seen the 1st team in the Carabao Cup but the way they're playing we could see him sooner rather than later.

    The other 30p kid tomorrow has been seeing 90 mins a few times in the Bundesliga, Wolfsburg's Nigerian youngster Osimhen has already broken in the full Nigerian squad and likely to grace the World Cup. Who's to say he won't be the breakthrough star!

    Mohamed Lamine Diaby was very difficult to assess and the only thing I could see was a fantastic strike rate for France u16 and u17's plus a French report that described him as a serial scorer. He's had a sniff of action with Nice and he's only 40p, I suspect there's a few people who know more about him and would love to hear it.

    Martin Terrier has just been purchased by Lyon for a hefty sum and then left out on loan at Strasbourg so currently eligible for PB and definitely one to watch when playing for a better team next season.

    The rest are a mix of players in their mid 20's that are out of league or just a load of tripe and it's getting too late to ramble on about an overpriced Mexican target for West Ham!

  • @Agatello terrier already on market

  • Yeah he IPO'd in the 10am slot @Simon-j he crawled up and think he's worth more but I've got my fill.

    Ferran Torres was the boy. BOOM! Hope some of you managed to get a decent price!!

    Osimhen will be interesting and Lamine Diaby might get some attention but I suspect it will be minimal - could be wrong though.

  • Agatello - 50p IPO for Torres, but chart says 90p and currently at 97p (7p growth). What happened, anyone on at a price below 90p?
    Missed the boat me, but these IPOs always a mystery on pricing and how to get on early doors....

  • @Happy-Hornet 90p is his average, if you look at the long green bar going down vertically it tells you the lowest (IPO) price which is registered as 51p.

  • That's correct, although Osimhen DID actually IPO at 60p, I'm 99% sure that's a human data entry error over at HQ which does happen from time to time. Sometimes you get lucky (I coined up on Max Kruse - Nov 1st - VERY Lucky) and other times you can get stung if you're frantically buying without noting the price! Swings and roundabouts really although it would be better for the platform in general if they make sure it's Leslie Crowther! (The Price is Right!)

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